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“I propose we put an end to human death.”

The Ultimate Bottom Line as presented in a great article by Thomas Frey who is the innovation editor for THE FUTURIST magazine.  

The genius of man has brought us to the threshold of achieving the greatest dream of all.   Mr. Frey explores the ethics and the realities of what may be in store for us when we finally experience the true freedom that only God could provide; the freedom to choose when we die.

For those of you who are optimists and love life, sit back and enjoy this inspiring look into our future.

When Death Becomes Optional

Thomas Frey's pictureThe year is 2032. You have just celebrated your 80th birthday and you have some tough decisions ahead. You can either keep repairing your current body or move into a new one.

The growing of “blank” bodies has become all the rage, and by using your own genetic material, body farmers can even recreate your own face at age 20.

In just 20 years, this is an industry that has moved from the equivalent of Frankenstein’s laboratory to the new celebrity craze, with controversy following it every step of the way.

The combination of a few high profile “accidents” along the way, coupled with those in the religious community who claim that body farmers are playing God, and asking “where does our soul reside?” has given it thousands of top media headlines around the world.

Every person on the planet has a different opinion about this moral dilemma, or whether its safe or dangerous, or whether we should just get better at repairing our existing bodies.

As medical advances continue, and we devise an entirely new range of health-enhancing options, I propose we set a new standard, raising the bar to the highest possible level. I propose we put an end to human death.

Tough Choices Ahead  ….

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