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Islam & Nazis – Mohamed & Hitler – Wake Up!

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Adolph Hitler was one of the best in world history when it came to the use of 'The Big Lie [1]' and propaganda to take control of the people.  But Mr. Hitler is a distant second place to the world's greatest propaganda creator; Mohamed.

[2]Mohamed had the brilliant treachery and foresight to understand that he could have everyone follow his edicts by telling them that their 'God' had ordained these things.  Yes, he made up 'Allah' and sold the ignorant and naive masses on the absurd notion that all his edicts and teachings and laws were coming directly from Allah and that he, Mohamed was his 'messenger'.  Brilliant!    Hitler's Nazi empire lasted about 10 years, Mohamed's evil empire, under the guise of 'religion', has lasted over 1400 years!

[3]See Mohamed's Poison [4]

So Mohamed conjured up a book known as the Koran and used Allah as his pseudonym.  You see how brilliant evil can be.  Now if Hitler had used this angle and written a God as the supreme author of his book, Mein Kampf, we just may be speaking German today…

Here's a Post that warns the sleeping West once again to WAKE UP!

Mohammed–Deja Vu

Posted in Political Islam on October 20, 2011

In the 1930’s Hitler and Nazism were rising in power in Germany. As the evil of their intentions became reality on the ground, nearly every leader in Europe completely denied the evil in front of their eyes. The drive to think only good thoughts about Hitler and appease him in every way saturated the speech and reports of political and religious leaders, the universities and the press. Not even the invasion of bordering states could disprove the “Hitler is a reasonable man” point of view held by the establishment. Appeasement would make him like them and be reasonable. Peace at all costs was the moral motto.

Since they would not strike while Hitler was weak, the Europeans had to deal with the Nazis when they came to full fighting strength, and it took massive costs of treasure and blood to deal with the problem. The establishment’s peace by appeasement brought great evil.

The parallels between the establishment’s denial about the Nazis then and their leadership about Islam today are frightening. We see that denial of facts in the face of fear is a human trait.

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Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' has incredible similarities of thought, concepts, perverted ideas, racism, hate mongering and war mongering that fill its pages, with Muhammad's Quran.




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