–  The Bottom Line  –

The denial of evil is a temporary psychological fix to the reality that evil and death is at your door.  A suicidal mentality that presently consumes most of the free world and has allowed Islam to exist for over 1400 years…

‘Never have so many been willing to deny so much reality!

DenialismInDenial of Evil, Part 1  Islam was the main focus.  The other day on The Glenn Beck Show he interviewed Diane West.  She reminded Glenn how this denial of the reality of Islam is not the first time that our government totally misinformed America about an evil that threatened our very existence.

Here’s the video clip which most will find shocking.  It deals with the WWII era and how Roosevelt and the government misinformed Americans about Communism.  It begs the question; what the hell is wrong with these ‘leaders’?  (Answer: GLOOG)    

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