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… a brilliant ‘spot on’ and complete explanation of the warped mindset that now governs America.

Few will deny that today’s America is indeed ‘different.’  There are many terms used to describe it;  upside down, parallel universe, evil, crazy, stupid, ungodly, etc.   The obvious questions; Why? What happened?  How did we get here?  Is no one paying attention?  Does anyone care?

Be it in foreign policy decisions, the economy or our cultural traditions, this ‘denial of evil’ or ‘psychological denial’ is spearheading the destruction of the very foundation of American greatness.   The foundation that in a mere two hundred years, made America the most successful country and people in recorded history.

In this great piece by psychologist ‘Dr. Sanity’ (A Board-Certified Psychiatrist with over 35 years of clinical experience in psychiatry and aerospace medicine. A former NASA Flight Surgeon and author of CHOOSING THE RIGHT STUFF.), she reviews the realities that very few understand and that are consuming our reason and destroying the application of logic and experience in our national discourse.  It is a brilliant ‘spot on’ and complete explanation of the warped mindset that now governs America.  This is a MUST READ for anyone who seeks answers to the questions of the day.



Never have so many been willing to deny so much reality!

Denial Shirt… The consequences of psychological denial can be seen every day in today’s world; and particularly in the minds of the political left and the Democrats. All you have to do is watch these intellectual and moral giants in action for even a brief moment and you likely will come away with the sense that something is terribly wrong with them.  ….

… But that is one of the many incredibly wonderful aspects of psychological denial: it cuts off one’s connection to reality, as well as from one’s own cognitive and rational process.

In the recesses of their own minds, many who deny reality are able to convince themselves that they are actually “reality-based”….


The truth is that frequently denial works–at least for a short while–and that is why it is so often resorted to in extremis.

Some positive consequences of psychological denial include: …

In the end, interactions with those in denial are characterized by the denier’s frequent smugness; sense of superiority; arrogance; belittlement of alternative views; and undiluted hatred toward anyone or any idea that questions their worldview. …

Their outrage at Republicans or Israel conveniently obscures the reality that we are at war with an implacable enemy that wants to kill us all.

That’s what denial is all about. It allows–nay, it encourages– the most blatant contradictions in thinking; and the individual does not ever have to account for those contradictions or take responsibility for them because they don’t even perceive them! Facts, shmacts.

Finally, in the long-term, denial will always bring great harm to the individual using it and all who happen to be in his sphere of influence. It may lead to his death or many deaths when practiced by groups or larger societies.

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