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Muslims Force Young Christian Girls To Watch Their Mother Get Beheaded

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Posted on March 15, 2014 by Theodore Shoebat
Muslims in Somalia seized two Christians, a mother of two daughters and her cousin, and after calling the entire village to gather together, they beheaded them in cold blood. The Muslims were so absent of shame, that they even had the woman’s two daughters, ages 8 and 15, watch their own mother get beheaded. The mother’s name was Sadia Ali Omar, and the cousin who was also beheaded was Osman Mohamoud Moge.
The 8 year old daughter weeped and begged for someone to save their mother, but nobody came, and the two innocent girls had no choice but to endure the sight of their beloved being savagely decapitated by these heathens. Before they beheaded them, the Muslims proclaimed: …

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