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The Muslim President – Day No, 1960

It is now clear for any average American who wishes to call himself informed that it is now beyond obvious that Obama is a stealth Jihadist advancing the same cause as Al Qaida but using deception to advance it in order to weaken the United States as quickly as possible. This strategy is advanced without alarming his own supporters and using the fawning media to keep at bay the pathetic, weak and useless Republicans from opposing this traitor we call President and Commander in Chief.

Obama Jihadist [1]Jihad From The White House

Obama Promises [2]

The so called conservative media is ignoring this, making excuses for the father or asking out loud why the father praised Allah in the Rose Garden, and dare not conclude the obvious. …

The guy is not a chief executive other than he loves flying Air Force One, but the big picture of destroying this country economic and military power so his Jihadi Muslim Brotherhood friends can build their Caliphate is now open for all to see if you have the common sense and courage to see it.  Alas still most Americans are not even low information but are no information voters as we continue down the sink hole created by our own stupidity.

0-At the Ft. Hood Memorial Service...The Crotch Salute Returns [5]At the Ft. Hood Memorial Service…The Crotch Salute Returns




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