Muslims Enter Airport And Make Terrifying Attack With Bombs And Firearms, Slaughter 18 People, And Then Muslims Say, “This is just the beginning” – Muslims in Pakistan attacked the Karachi airport with rocket launchers, firearms and bombs, and killed 18 people.

Muslims Attack Thirty People, And Butcher All Of Them In Horrific Bomb Attack – Muslims in Iraq attacked the area a Kurdish political party, and butchered 30 people with a horrific car bomb

Muslims Kidnapp Christians For Ransom, The Christian Families Pay The Ransom, And The Muslims Take The Money And Slaughter The Christians Anyway

Muslim burns ex-wife to death for being “too Westernised,” twin daughters: “We had an hour to say goodbye. She was so badly burned we were told we couldn’t look at her face.”

Muslim Man Pours Petrol All Over His Wife’s Head, Lights Her Head On Fire, And Melts All Of The Flesh On Her Face Until She Dies – The flames gave her 95% burns, and she died in the hospital in front of her two mourning daughters.

Muslims Take Christian Girls, Cut And Lacerate Their Bodies, Rape Them, Mutilate Their Vaginas, And Tell Them To Convert To Islam – According to one report, between 100 to 700 Christian girls are kidnapped every year in Pakistan and put through this type of …

Muslims Take Seven Hostages And Cook Them Alive Until Their Bodies Become Charred – Seven people in Sunday’s Karachi airport attack done by Muslims were found cooked to death, and their bodies charred

Muslims Gas Jews Outside Paris – What drives this vicious Jew-hatred in the Muslim world?  The quran — which apparently is fine.  But speak of it and you will be smeared, targeted and marginalized as a racist-islamophobic-anti-Muslim-bigot.

Muslim Man Demands Second Wife, His First Wife Objects, Muslim Man Murders Her, Hangs Her Body From The Ceiling Fan, And Then Shoots His Two Children To Death – Rubina, 30, was found hanging from a ceiling fan and her two daughters – Rida, 9, and Maimoona, 6, – lying shot dead on the floor of their house …

Muslims randomly killing civilians in Iraq, beheading cops (video) – Nothing to do with Islam…via ISIS boast of slaughtering 1,700 soldiers after posting beheading video of Iraqi policeman | Mail Online. An Islamic militant issues a call to arms, saying: ‘Declare Allah the Greatest! Allah is the Greatest!’


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