“Improvements to the new agreement became necessary after workers made concessions in the previous collective agreement. The new agreement addresses the main concerns of our members; a pay rise, a better work-life balance for staff and pilots` flight time constraints. Removing the so-called “B-Scale” should allow Cargolux to recruit the staff he needs,” comments Paul de Araujo, union secretary of the LCGB. I am pleased that we have reached an agreement with our social partners. This agreement cements job security in our company while contributing to the sustainability of Cargolux, both socially and economically. Based on these solid foundations, we can strengthen our position as a leading player in the global air cargo industry,” said Richard Forson, President and CEO of Cargolux. Luxembourg, 25 January 2012. Cargolux Airlines International S.A. and the unions OGB-L and LCGB announced today that they have formally concluded and signed a collective agreement renewal agreement (CWA). While Kapweiler said the unions were willing to accept changes to the current agreement to help the troubled company recover from its economic struggles, the LCGB warned that Cargolux was trying to abuse collective agreements to get out of its fights. Richard Forson, President and CEO of Cargolux, said: “I am pleased that we have reached an agreement with our social partners. This agreement cements job security in our company, while contributing to cargolux`s social and economic sustainability.

Last week, the unions were informed that Luxair`s management had presented an action plan for layoffs and other layoffs in the company. These measures include the elimination of careers by eliminating seniority pay increases beyond 20 years for all employees and over 15 years for pilots; stopping wages for 3 years; The suspension of the payment of the 13th month – year-end bonus – for 3 years; The removal of certain liability bonuses; Reduce days off to the legal minimum, including the 4-day leave and seniority-related leave; The abolition of the 25-year service donation and the pension premium; Reduce the rate of night work and overtime to the legal minimum; The introduction of paid parking for all employees; Removing the paid 15-minute break; and unilateral flexibility in working time. “These adjustments became necessary after the workers made concessions in the previous collective agreement. These have led to the introduction of spool-up periods for the 13th month, days off and leave, as well as lower pay levels for newly recruited staff,” explains Dirk Becker, Managing Director of the Luxembourg Line Pilots Association (ALPL). After Thursday`s mobilization and sorting discussions, as well as the decision to continue the collective agreement until the end of this year, it was also announced that a new working group consisting of unions, Luxair`s general management and representatives of three ministries – transport, finance and labour – would be set up to analyse staffing needs for the years 2020-2023. It will also assess the unions` proposal to preserve employment in order to avoid redundancies. “For the more than 500 pilots, the new agreement will ensure a significant reduction in service times during the most critical times of the day. This involves extending the standard crew from two men to a third or fourth pilot during long night shifts.

Fatigue and possible health problems are discussed. Other improvements are adapting the pilots` daily schedule, which should improve stability outside the day,” Becker said. These new agreements will improve Cargolux`s ability to recruit additional staff and remain one of the employers of choice in the sector and in Luxembourg.

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