It is surprising that these quotations are still as current, more than 400 hundred years after the writing of William Shakespeare. I think human emotions and desires don`t change as much as we think. Shakespeare had an opportunity to set this up, which has a timeless quality that will never be out of date. One thing that makes Shakespeare`s works so relevant today is that the stories he told were about universal struggles. William Shakespeare`s poems and plays and even numerous quotations show stories of love, loss, distress, misunderstanding and justice. If you look at a Shakespeare play, you can always refer to his work, because they are still universal themes of human life. Shakespeare was born 450 years ago, but many of his works are still relevant today. In fact, we use the words he has shaped and the phrases he has invented all the time. What makes his works so relevant and what can we learn from William Shakespeare`s quotations? But there are some quotes from William Shakespeare that seem particularly relevant to our lives today.

We must be able to have a conversation and realize that we are all Americans; We all want the best for this country. We may have differences on how to do that, but we all want to make sure that our economy is strong, that jobs are growing. We all want to make sure that people are not bankrupt when they get sick. We all want to ensure that young people can afford training. The Bible invites us to show respect to all human beings, especially those with whom we disagree, to never defame people, never to mark people. Many people manage to find common ground and not let disagreements or tensions arise and destroy them, and others separate or divorce. I don`t think anything will ever change that. They are just trying to find housing and understanding with another person and work from there. The beginning of thought is at odds – not only with others, but also with ourselves. If you have learned to disagree without being unpleasant, you have discovered the secret of understanding, whether for business, family relationships or life itself. Here, too, one might well think that this comes from a modern self-help guide.

It encourages us to understand that our destiny is in our hands and not in the power of other people, religious rabbits or destiny. We hold the key to our own success. Always be prepared to look at both sides of the argument. Understanding the other side is the best way to strengthen yours. We may think that inactive days on the beach are what we want, but in reality we will soon be bored. In fact, when people retire from work, they often feel quite depressed, without a sense of purpose and doing something useful and accomplished. Who hasn`t felt as adorable as Julia as anxious as Hamlet or as vengeful as Shylock? We can see aspects of ourselves and people we know, friends and enemies, in Shakespeare`s works, making them attractive. People who are afraid are not those who disagree with you, but those who do not agree with you and who are too cowardly to inform you. When you disagree, you start talking about what you have in common with the person you are arguing with. Too often, we rush to judge, we argue and we miss all the commonalities we share.

If two men in the same job agree all the time, one of them is useless. If they don`t agree all the time, they`re both useless. I remain convinced that most human conflicts can be resolved through genuine dialogue with a spirit of openness and reconciliation. In a world where extroverted celebrities seem to be getting all the attention, it would be nice if a few other people accepted Shakespeare`s advice on the subject and told the truth.

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