3. Using the MeetinRome website and services connects you to agencies looking for tours and travel services. We do this via our website bag.bookaguide.onlie (“Site”), which is a communication system to activate this connection. Since it is not economical to explore, understand and respect the labour law of each state and country, you will probably have little to lose if you make the guide a contractor. Because you do so few visits and use each guide only once or twice a year, the chances of a problem are very slim, especially if the guide has another full-time job, such as. B a professorship. This agreement defines the terms and conditions between MeetinRome Sas and users who have established a tour guide profile. This agreement expressly limits our responsibility. You can also prohibit the Guide from consulting your clients for future visits without using your agency. You may wish that the guide accepts that he or she will not make competitive visits with you for a number of years. The salary should cover at least all hours as an indication, but whether it should cover overtime such as the time of travel or meal depends on the laws of the place where the visit takes place. 7.

Booking fee To compensate MeetinRome for its services, MeetinRome calculates a percentage of the cost of the tour. This percentage is determined if your application is accepted. MeetinRome can reduce this tax at any time, either permanently or for a limited period of time. It can only be increased after 60 days. 2. Acceptance as a tour guide Only professional guides can apply to become a MeetinRome Tour guide. After registration on the site, MeetinRome begins the reception process. Details of this procedure may include telephone interviews, presentation of documents, review of references and completion of training and examination. 16. Legal Claims For all disputes between MeetinRome and you concerning the site, this Contract, transactions that are facilitated or made via the Site, visits and travel services ordered or purchased via the Site, transactions between you and MeetinRome or any related matters (“litigation”), the parties will seek to find the least difficult solution to the dispute. Where a dispute is not resolved by the parties, the dispute must be resolved before a competent court. 1.

General MeetinRome connects you to agencies that wish to receive travel-related visits and services. We do this via our bag.bookaguide.online platform (“Site”), a communication system to enable this connection. In addition to maintaining the site, MeetinRome deals with customer service by phone and email, the site is marketed through various means, including search engine optimization, paid programs, public relations and advertising. You understand that you are an independent contractor and not an employee of MeetinRome. In addition, you agree that the agencies we connect to you are MeetinRome`s customers. 6. Transaction agencies search for the services of tour guides using the site. The guides agree that MeetinRome will cover the full cost of the tour guide`s services.

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