right. But to be clear, it was not reported by Mark Landler, an honest journalist, who honors off-balance agreements. The government of the Libyan national agreement condemned the agreement as an “unsurprising betrayal of the United Arab Emirates.” [95] Sudanese Foreign Ministry spokesman Haidar Sadig was fired for making comments of himself calling the agreement a “courageous and courageous gesture,” while claiming that there were secret contacts between Sudan and Israel. [96] Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok told Pompeo on 25 August that his transitional government had “no mandate” to establish relations with Israel and that this could not be decided until after the election of a democratic government. [97] Gantz thanked Trump, Netanyahu and Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan for the march of the peace agreement and said he was showing an alliance among Middle Eastern nations that wanted stability and mutual cooperation. He also showed Israel`s eternal desire to make peace with neighbouring countries in favour of him, while strengthening Israel`s image on the world stage and creating a better future for the region. [35] Netanyahu, interviewed by journalists, admitted that negotiations with the United Arab Emirates were secret because the United States asked him to do so. [36] Bouthaina Shaaban, political and media adviser to the Syrian president, criticized the agreement in his comments in the Al-Watan newspaper and said that secret relations between the United Arab Emirates and Israel had existed for decades, but now they have revealed it publicly. She said that there was nothing new in the agreement and regretted that the Gulf countries had been hostile to Iran, but that they wanted peace with Israel, which abhors the history of the Arabs and seizes Palestinian land by force. [98] “Abu Dhabi and Jerusalem each had their own good reasons for finding a way to open the door to formal relations, but there is no doubt that today`s announcement is also a blessing for Donald Trump,” said Tamara Cofman Wittes, a former State Department aide. Despite this, she said, the two nations also seemed to be positioning themselves for a possible Biden victory by eliminating the topics from the table.

“It seems that Bibi and MbZ both placed their bets for November,” she said, who used nicknames for Israeli and Emirati leaders. But the agreement triggered an immediate counter-reaction in the region of opposing parts of the ideological spectrum.

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