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Listen Up CEOs
Well here we are with the latest breaking news that indeed these CEOs who make those stupid PC decisions are fools. This example proves there can be no debate, unless....
Poor Colonel Sanders...
Even a simple chicken lover can't rest in peace anymore. We all know and love The Colonel. He's been gracing our landscape for over 50 years now with his iconic southern logo....
~  Insanity is voting another lawyer into office! ~

This Week in Islam
Islam is very easy to understand. One need only to read the headlines. Here's this week's linked list of just a few headlines by the followers of Mohammed: ...
Is Islam a Religion?
So here's a few pictures of those who are considered devout worshipers of their religion. It will take you less than a minute to come to the conclusion that Islam is....

Keep Pumping Suckers
Every time you put gas in your car your money goes to finance your enemy and the lavish lifestyles of the most undeserving self serving people on earth: the Saudi's...
~  We Need Leaders - Not Lawyers! ~

It's Come To This!
Most of you will be not believe that it could be so insane in our nation's capital. But those of you who follow GLOOG understand the reality of the Lawyer Oligarchy that runs...

Homo-Fascism Hits New Low
Homosexuals Throw Human Excrement At Christians, And Wipe Their Anuses With Pages Of The Bible. Pretty disgusting. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.....

World's Tallest Wheel!
Now that's one hell of a Ferris wheel! Check out this new attraction in Las Vegas. (Who else would have the money to buy this thing...) Just Incredible!...

~  Voting for another lawyer is the same as changing chairs on the Titanic! ~ Website

The New Annual Democratic
Why stop at 'Gay' Pride Month?
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