The intent of having a category on  Islam is to organize all the evidence of Islamic atrocities that occur on a daily basis.  There are many great sites that are dedicated to exposing this barbaric ideology.    They will be listed on the patriots Links page.  Four of the most complete resources are:


9/12/2013:  Muslims murder Christian family of five, including a 7-year-old boy, attacks on Christian villages continue

9/16/2013:  Muslim relatives murder three women in honor killing after one of them left her husband

9/16/2013:  Paris Muslims Assault Jewish Teens, ‘Hitler Didn’t Finish Job’

9/17/2013: Iraq: Sunni jihadists murder 31 people with car bombs after Shi’ites murder 17 Sunnis

9/20/2013:  “Jihad al-nikah, permitting extramarital sexual relations with multiple partners – a legitimate form of holy war.”

9/21/2013: Muslims kill at least 75, wound 100+ in attack on Christian church in Pakistan

9/22/2013:  Nigeria: Death toll from latest Islamic jihad massacre rises to 161

10/02/2013: Jihadists in Syria attack ancient Christian town of Saidnaya

10/02/2013:  After bombing Christian church, Muslims harvested their organs

10/7/2013:  Muslim cleric: “If I were allowed to pray for a non-Muslim, I would have prayed for the soul of the Nazi leader, who barbecued [the Russians] and the Jews”

10/15/2013:  Obama-backed jihadist rebels proudly show off decapitated head of Syrian soldier

10/17/2013:  Pakistan Textbooks Teach Muslim Boys Killing Christians Is Way To Martyrdom

10/21/2013:  Islamist gunman fires into Christian wedding in Egypt killing four including 8-year-old girl

10/22/2013:  Pakistan Textbooks Teach Muslim Boys Killing Christians Is Way To Martyrdom 

10/24/2013:   15-Year-old Girl Burned to Death by Her Father for Talking on the Cell Phone

10/25/2013:  Muslim husband forces wife to drink acid for giving birth to a girl

10/26/2013:  Syria: Islamic jihadists posting lists on Internet of Christians to be murdered

 11/1/2013:  UK Muslim Burns His Wife and Three Daughters Alive to Restore His “Honor”

 11/2/2013:  Mass graves in Sadad: 45 Christian civilians killed by Islamist militias

11/4/2013:  Nigeria: Islamic jihadists murder 30 in wedding convoy, including the groom

 11/7/2013:  Muslim shot Christian pastor in back while he was praying and reading Bible

 11/11/2013:  At Least 9 Children killed after Obama-backed jihadis’ mortars hit Christian school, bus In Damascus

11/17/2013:   Islamic jihadists behead six government contractors

11/17/2013:   Obama-backed jihadis feed Aleppo dogs with Syrian soldiers’ bodies

 11/21/2013:  66 people killed & over 120 wounded, eight car bombs and two roadside bombs detonated strikes at an outdoor market, outside a coffee shop

11/25/2013:  Muslim mobs murder at least 71 Christians

11/25/2013:  Muslim attackers hacked at soldier “like a butcher attacking a joint of meat”: “I did it for my God”

11/30/2013: Iraq: Seven beheaded bodies and five severed heads filled with explosives found

12/2/2013:  Hundreds Of Muslims Attack Christian Church During Prayer Service

 12/7/2013:  “They are slaughtering us like chickens”: Thousands of Christians in Central African Republic flee Muslim attackers

12/11/2013:  Fatwa that Permits Sodomy to Widen the Anus as a Means to place explosives

 12/12/2013:    Muslim Cleric Incites Children to ‘Slaughter’ Christians and Alawites in Syria

12/12/2013:  Muslim terror bombing at schools, children, parent shot

12/15/2013:  Syria: Muslims Firebomb New Christ Statue and Ancient Monastery

12/15/2013:  Three American Teachers Slaughtered for Christian Faith in Muslim World

12/17/2013:  Interfaith outreach in Nigeria: Muslims murder at least 205 Christians

12/21/2013:  Nigeria: Muslims “Kill More Children in Their Sleep”

12/22/2013:  Muslim attacks killed 1,000 Christians in Central African Republic

12/22/2013:  Three American Teachers Slaughtered for Christian Faith in Muslim World

12/22/2013:   Syria: Islamic jihadists murder 12 people by firing mortar shells at church

 12/25/2013:  Muslim cleric: Saying “Merry Christmas” worse than alcohol, fornication, and murder

 12/25/2013:  Muslims shout “Allahu akbar” after Christmas bombing in Baghdad

12/25/2013:  Christmas in Iraq: Islamic jihadists murder at least 34 people with bomb attacks in Christian areas

 12/27/2013:  *GRAPHIC* Video: Obama’s Peace Partners The Taliban playing soccer with severed heads

–  2014  –

1/7/2014:  Syria — Muslims Chat With Severed Head, Invite It To Lunch

2/11/2014:  Syrian Islamists Defecate in Church, Light Christian Man on Fire

2/18/2014:  At Least 90 Christians Slaughtered by Islamist Terrorists in Nigeria

2/27/2014:  Muslims kill 59 boys in boarding school attack, take girls as war booty

 3/2/2014:  Jihad in China rail station – 29 killed, 143 injured

 3/5/2014:  Muslims behead Christian, stab him with crucifix

 3/7/2014:  Devout Dad Attacks Pastor, Kills Muslim Daughter Inside Church After She Converts To Christianity

3/11/2014:  Muslims bomb Madrid train killing 191 and injuring more than 1,800

3/14/2014:  Muslims Annihilate 106 People In Brutal Massacre

3/15/2014:  Muslims massacre more than 150 Christians incl a pastor, his wife and children

3/15/2014:  Muslims Force Young Christian Girls To Watch Their Mother Get Beheaded

 3/18/2014:  Muslims Execute Christian Professor In His Car

3/18/2014:  Muslims Blow Up Eight People With Vicious Bomb

3/18/2014:  Honor Killing: Muslim slit wife’s throat in front of their daughter

3/25/2014:  Muslims Charge Into Church And Murder six Christians

 3/25/2014:  10,000 schoolgirls’ victims of U.K. Muslim sex gangs

3/26/2014:  Muslims Massacre 80 Christians In Horrific Massacre, And Desecrate Churches

 3/29/2014:  Muslims Electrocute Man’s Testicles

 3/29/2014:  New Islamic Song: “We will enter Churches and slaughtered Christians”

 3/30/2014:    Muslims Behead Hundreds Of People, And Feed Their Corpses To Dogs

3/30/2014:  Muslims Take 13 Christians And Chop Their Heads Off  

3/30/2014:   Syria Jihad Group Grooming Children As Young As Seven To Be Jihad Homicide Bombers

 4/1/2014:   Jihadists Set Churches Ablaze in Nigeria

4/1/2014:   PHOTOS: Churches in Syria in Ruins — Desecrated, Icons and Statues Smashed??

4/2/2014:   Muslim mob drags young Christian girl from car, beats and stabs her to death in Egypt

 4/2/2014:  Islamic Honor: Muslim kills sister for speaking on phone with a man 

 4/3/2014:  Christian Girl Gets Sexually Molested And Mutilated By Muslims For 13 Days, By 7 Different Men Each Day

 4/3/2014:   Mass Executions By Muslims Caught On Film (Footage The US Government Does Not Want you See) 

4/3/2014:  Muslims Kidnap Little Christian Girl And Horrifically Slice Her Face With A Knife

4/4/2014:  Muslims Take Two Men, Decapitate Them And Boil Their Head 

4/4/2014:  Muslims Fry Christian Boy’s Head And Cook It With Rice And Vegetables 

4/4/2014:  Muslims Molest Christian Woman, And Then Savagely Rip Her Hair Off And Stab Her To Death

4/5/2014:   Muslims Defecate In Church, Cover Christian Man In Gasoline And Light Him On Fire

4/5/2014:  Muslims Electrocute Man’s Testicles


4/12/2014:  The Muslims Will Invade The Vatican, And Try to Destroy The Roman Catholic Church

4/10/2014:  Muslims Behead Man After He Begs For His Life (One Of The Most Spine Chilling Videos You Will Ever See)

4/10/2014:  Muslim Man Beheads Girlfriend After Demons Tell Him To Do So, Then Smears His Own Feces All Over His Room 

4/10/2014:  Muslims Seize Three Women, Cover Them In Gasoline And Burn Them 

4/8/2014:  Muslims Butcher Thirty Christians, And Injure 300 More Christians

4/9/2014:  Muslims Force Almost 1,000 Christian Women To Convert To Islam 

4/7/2014:  Muslims Execute Child in Cold Blood

4/8/2014:  The Most Brutal Murders Of Christians Is About To Happen

4/8/2014:  Muslim Man Sees Jesuit Priest, And Shoots Him To Death

 April 2014 Week No.2:

Abu Dhabi Court Frees Devout Muslim Father Who Whipped His Son to Death

Muslims Attack Christian Elementary School And Murder Twelve People  

Israeli Ambassador to UN: Christian Holocaust is upon Us

Muslim Stabs Innocent Man To Death In Broad Daylight (CAUGHT ON VIDEO)  –

Pastor On Islamic Persecution Of Christians: “they’re killing everybody.”

Muslim Teenager Murders His Christian Teacher With Evil And Savage Hatred

Nigeria: Devout Muslims Kill 68 in Village Attacks, Shoot Terrified Residents As They Tried to Flee 

Muslim Man Beats His Daughter To Death After Finding Out That She Converted To Christianity

  April 2014 Week No.3:

3 American Doctors Shot and Killed In Afghanistan By Security Guard

Muslims Attack Christian Pastor, And Fill His Whole Body With Bullets

Muslims Bust Open The Door Of A Christian Home, And Slaughter The Entire Family

Islamic Leader: “More serious killings are on the way”

Muslims Force Christian Woman Who Left Islam To Watch Her Husband Get Executed, Kidnap Her Two Daughters And Then Kill Her Son 

Syria: Jihadists Crucify 2 Christian Youths Who Refuse to Convert to Islam

Islamic Religious Police Beat Woman Bloody for Not Praying on Time

Muslims Burn Innocent Five Year Old Girl To Death

Muslims Use Preteen Boys For Sex Slavery And Butcher 200 People

 May 2014 – Week No.1:

Four Muslims Gang Rape 7 Year Old Christian Girl So Brutally That She Must Go To The ER – A seven year old Christian girl in Pakistan, named Sara Iqbal, was gang raped by four Muslim men so brutally that she had to go to the hospital in critical condition.

Muslim Mob Takes Christian Man, Hangs Him By His Feet And Severely Tortures Him – A mob of 150 Muslims attacked a Christian man’s home in Pakistan, seized him and then severely tortured him by hanging him by his feat and savagely beating him with sticks. The Christian man’s name is Amanat Masih.

Egypt Cleric Issues Fatwa Allowing Wives to Get Raped – More of Islam’s empowering of women.
Apparently the whole unforgiving honor code goes out the window when a man might be in danger.

Muslims Charge Into Hospital And Murder Sixteen People – Muslims in Central Africa charged into a hospital and opened fire, killing sixteen people, including three humanitarians working for the medical charity, Doctors Without Borders.

Muslim Slaughter

62% of all Deaths in Nigeria This Year Due to Islamic Murderers – Of the 2,596 people who died in Nigeria in the first three months of this year, 1,614, or 62%, were due to Boko Haram murders.

Muslims Nigeria

Arizona Muslim claims Islamic Law (sharia) gives him right to kill wife – The thing is, he’s right. Sharia does give him that right.

Jihadist group ‘crucifies’ bodies to send message – Warning – This gallery contains graphic images. Hello! Wake Up Ignorant & Suicidal Western Civilization This is how Islam spends it’s time after Friday ‘prayer services’ at the Mosque…

Philly: Muslim strangled pregnant girlfriend to death for not wearing hijab – Both mother and unborn baby were killed.  Jury selection started Monday morning in the case of a 28-year-old man who allegedly strangled his pregnant girlfriend inside a one-bedroom efficiency apartment …

Muslims Murder Christian Man Right In Front Of His Son, Drag His Body To The Mosque, Tie His Body And Mutilate Him – Three hundred homes, 100 businesses, 15 churches and about 10 Christian organizations were destroyed in my province…Christians in Egypt are expecting death at any time…

‘Sex Jihad’ Fatwa Permits Incest in Syria “Saudi cleric Nasser al-‘Umar issued a fatwa permitting mujahidin [jihadis] in Syria to have sex-jihad with their sisters if no one else is available.

May 2014 – Week No.2:

Muslims Take Three Hundred People, And Butcher All Of Them In Twelve Hours – In the Nigerian town of Gamboru Ngal, Muslims came on the attack, and in twelve hours, butchered three hundred people.
Muslims Make Savage And Sinister Mass Executions, And Film Them – Here is a mass execution done by Muslims. Before the execution was done, the executioner said:
syria2Muslims Shoot Innocent People, Behead Them While They Are In Agony, And Then Twist Their Heads Completely Off But shooting the POWs wasn’t enough, Sharia demanded they also get beheaded. So while the victims were dying, the terrorists hover over one victim and shouts: “quickly remove his head, remove his head, film it and show what we do to [Bashar] Al-Assad’s dogs”. Graphic Video

Muslims Trap Human Beings In Markets And Stores, And Burn Them Alive – This happened in the most recently horrific attack on Christians in Nigeria, in which 300 people were slaughtered.

Two Muslims Cut Young Boy’s Body Into Pieces, Cook His Flesh In Curry, And Eat Him Two Pakistani brothers, Mohammad Arif Ali and Mohammad Farman Ali, were arrested after police caught the severed head of a young boy in their home.

May 2014 – Week No.3:

Muslims “cut hands, cut heads, play with corpses” Of Their Victims – A battle is occurring right now between Kurds and Muslims who are members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), in the area of Kobani in northern Syria.

Muslims Take Christian Man As He Prays, “Blood of Jesus cover me.” And Then They Shoot Him In The Face – Muslims took a Christian man in Nigeria named Nzeribe as he, with 13 other worshippers, was in church mourning the deaths of three Christians who were martyred, and made him into a hostage.

 Jihadists screaming “Allahu akbar” stormed church, started shooting everyone – Boko Haram wages jihad in the cause of Islam while shouting chanting “Allah Hu Akbar,” or allah is greater (than your god). …

Florida: Muslim brothers jailed in jihad plot attack federal marshals – Two Oakland Park brothers, already accused of plotting to blow up famous New York landmarks, now face additional, less dramatic, charges: attacking federal marshals, …

Video: Muslim group says kidnapped Christian schoolgirls now Muslim – Boko Haram released a new video on Monday claiming to show the missing Nigerian schoolgirls, alleging the teenagers had converted to Islam and would not be released

VIDEO: Muslims Stab and Stone Christians at Bethlehem Church on Feast of St. George – The post VIDEO: Muslims Stab and Stone Christians at Bethlehem Church on Feast of St. George appeared first on Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs.

Muslims Steal Eleven Year Old Christian Girl, And Gang Rape Her For Three Days Straight – The two rapists have threatened that they will burn the homes of other Christians if they were not acquitted.

Sudanese Judge to Pregnant Woman: ‘I Sentence You to Hang’ for Becoming a Christian – The woman brought her punishment of death upon herself, said Judge Mohammed Khalifa: “We gave you three days to recant but you insist on not returning to Islam.”    “I sentence you to be hanged to death.” For good measure, Judge Khalifa ordered the woman to be beaten with 100 lashes of the whip before being hung for “adultery.”

Islamic Terrorists Bomb School Bus of Jewish schoolgirls –  In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel, defeat jihad.  Palestinian is a euphemism for jihad. Period. It’s a marketing term for Jewish slaughter.

Muslim Man Stabs His 22 Year Old Sister To Death After Finding Out She Was Watching A Christian CD – While murdering his own sister, the Muslim man’s hand was somehow wounded. After killing her he dumped her body in front of a hospital.

 May 2014 – Week No.4:

Liberal Reporter Beaten to Near Death by his Muslim ‘Friend’ – “‘I thought you were my friend,’ I told him. ‘No friends,’ he replied, shooting me twice in the ankle just to have the satisfaction of crippling me.”

Muslims Send Christians To Reeducation Camps To Be Severely Beaten And Forced To Convert To Islam – In the Muslim nation of Malaysia, Muslims who convert to Christianity are sent to reeducation camps where they are severely beaten and coerced to return to Islam

Muslims kill 118 at bus terminal and market in predominantly Christian part of Nigerian city – the latest in a series of attacks that has the country reeling. The detonation of …

Muslims Attack Two Catholic Nuns, So Viciously That They Have To Be Sent To The Emergency Room – One of the nuns, Sister Juliana Lim, was found to be in critical condition and sent to the Seremban Hospital. The other nun, Sister Mary-Rose …

Muslims Murder Twelve Year Old Christian Girl – A Muslim terrorist in Nigeria detonated a number of bombs in the Christian section of the city of Kano, murdering 20 people, including a twelve year old Christian girl.

Muslims Slaughter 166 People, Mutilate Their Bodies, Burn Down Their Homes And Praise Allah – They killed thirty people in the village of Shawa, 18 people in Alagarno and Bulakurbe, and another 118 in the Christian area of Jos.

American Muslim Beats His Wife And Murders Her For Not Cooking Him a Goat – A ‘moderate’ 75 year-old muslim man is using the defense that it is customary in Pakistan to beat your wife, implying that such beatings should be allowed in the U.S.

Muslims Butcher Thirty One Innocent People, Mutilating Them And Burning Their Flesh – The Muslims butchered thirty-one people and injured over ninety people. One witness heard a dozen large explosions, as opposed to just one

Muslims Seize Twenty Nine Poor Farmers As They Till Their Fields, And Execute Every One Of Them – Islamist group Boko Haram shot dead 29 farm workers as they tilled their fields in remote north-east Nigeria

 Brooklyn: Muslim killed wife for cooking lentils for dinner instead of goat A Pakistani immigrant beat his wife to death in their Brooklyn home after she made the mistake of cooking him lentils for dinner instead of the hearty meal of goat meat that he craved


May 2014 – Week No.5:

Islamic Group Beheads Real Estate Agents Who Do Business with Christians

Pakistani woman stoned to death by family in front of court after marrying for love Arranged marriages are the norm among conservative Pakistanis, who view marriage for love as a transgression.
Student Challenges Jihadists, His Head Found in Mosque The severed head of a Derna student who apparently challenged members of an Islamist brigade has been found dumped in a mosque in the eastern town.
Muslims Take Christians And Keep Them As Slaves For Twenty Five Years Straight – A Christian family in Pakistan was kept as slaves for twenty five years straight in a brick kiln,,,
Young 15 Year Old Girl Gets Gang Raped By 38 Muslim Men For Several Hours – A young 15 year old girl in Malaysia was gang raped by 38 Muslim men, with each man taking turns for several hours….
Muslim family who stoned their daughter to death on a public street also murdered her sister in an honour killing – So much savagery in one family. It makes you wonder how much we don’t hear about. One thing is clear: women are slaughtered with impunity under the guise of Islamic honor.
Muslims Murder, Mutilate Christian Father In Front of His Son – Muslims were burning churches… Leaders in the mosques were telling Muslims to attack Christians and kill them.  “The people who do this are ordinary Muslims, not militant extremists, as our politically correct leaders and news media would have us believe. They would do this to me, an apostate (ex-Muslim), if they could find me. I know these people well; I was one of them.”

June 2014 – Week No.1:

Muslim Snipers Take Aim On Two Christian Teenagers And Shoot Them All To Death – Muslim snipers in Syria took aim on two Christian teenagers and opened fire on them, killing them both

Devout Muslims Throw Gasoline Bombs at Christian Shops Just Before Trial of Coptic Christian Accused of Blasphemy Against Islam The Muslims who did this are supporters of the Obama-backed Muslim Brotherhood, which Obama tried to strong-arm the Egyptians into returning to power.

Muslims Enter Church And Slaughter Nine Christians In Sheer Cold Blooded Cruelty – Muslims in Abuja, Nigeria, entered a church and slaughtered nine Christians in an attack that can be described as sheer malice.
Muslims Seize 400 People, And Slaughter All Of Them One After The Other In One Of The Most Horrific Massacres In Our Time Muslims in Nigeria targeted the three villages of Attangara, Agapalwa and Ngoshe, where many Christians live, and with “sophisticated weapons” “started killing from house to house”.
Muslims Slaughter Over Sixty People, And Then Take An Entire University Hostage – More than 60 people have been killed in a wave of car bombs across the Iraqi capital security and medical sources said
The American, alongside three other Muslim jihadists, blew themselves up with 17 tons of explosives, slaughtering […]

June 2014 – Week No.2:

Muslims Enter Airport And Make Terrifying Attack With Bombs And Firearms, Slaughter 18 People, And Then Muslims Say, “This is just the beginning” – Muslims in Pakistan attacked the Karachi airport with rocket launchers, firearms and bombs, and killed 18 people.

Muslims Attack Thirty People, And Butcher All Of Them In Horrific Bomb Attack – Muslims in Iraq attacked the area a Kurdish political party, and butchered 30 people with a horrific car bomb

Muslims Kidnapp Christians For Ransom, The Christian Families Pay The Ransom, And The Muslims Take The Money And Slaughter The Christians Anyway

Muslim burns ex-wife to death for being “too Westernised,” twin daughters: “We had an hour to say goodbye. She was so badly burned we were told we couldn’t look at her face.”

Muslim Man Pours Petrol All Over His Wife’s Head, Lights Her Head On Fire, And Melts All Of The Flesh On Her Face Until She Dies – The flames gave her 95% burns, and she died in the hospital in front of her two mourning daughters.

Muslims Take Christian Girls, Cut And Lacerate Their Bodies, Rape Them, Mutilate Their Vaginas, And Tell Them To Convert To Islam According to one report, between 100 to 700 Christian girls are kidnapped every year in Pakistan and put through this type of …

Muslims Take Seven Hostages And Cook Them Alive Until Their Bodies Become Charred – Seven people in Sunday’s Karachi airport attack done by Muslims were found cooked to death, and their bodies charred

Muslims Gas Jews Outside Paris What drives this vicious Jew-hatred in the Muslim world?  The quran — which apparently is fine.  But speak of it and you will be smeared, targeted and marginalized as a racist-islamophobic-anti-Muslim-bigot.

Muslim Man Demands Second Wife, His First Wife Objects, Muslim Man Murders Her, Hangs Her Body From The Ceiling Fan, And Then Shoots His Two Children To Death – Rubina, 30, was found hanging from a ceiling fan and her two daughters – Rida, 9, and Maimoona, 6, – lying shot dead on the floor of their house …

Muslims randomly killing civilians in Iraq, beheading cops (video) – Nothing to do with Islam…via ISIS boast of slaughtering 1,700 soldiers after posting beheading video of Iraqi policeman | Mail Online. An Islamic militant issues a call to arms, saying: ‘Declare Allah the Greatest! Allah is the Greatest!’

 June 2014 – Week No.3:

Nigeria: Muslim group seeking sharia kills 1,000+ in 2 months, incl 173 teachers Mr. Dare Ilekoya, has said no fewer than 173 teachers have been killed by the violent Islamic sect…

 750 Churches Burnt by Devout Muslim Boko Haram – 

Muslims execute 50+ fans watching World Cup in Kenya and Nigeria – THEY came with death in their hearts and bombs strapped to their bodies, to slaughter 74 innocent soccer fans as they watched the World Cup.

Muslims Order Christians To Close Down Their Churches, And Say That If They Open Them Up, They Will Burn Them Down – 

 ISIS Holds Festive Public Execution in Syria Complete With Music and Small Children in Attendance (GRAPHIC) – The point-blank execution shooting of the two men was capped off by enthusiastic shouts of “Allahu akbar” and the crucifixion-style tying up of the slain men

Muslims Order Christians That They Must Pay $250 Or More, Or Else The Christians Will Be Slaughtered

 June 2014 – Week No.4:

 20,000 homicide bombers parade through Baghdad

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria Orders Unmarried Women to ‘Jihad By Sex’

Sharia in France: Muslims attack man for eating ham sandwich

Nigeria: Muslims kidnap more than 60 women and girls, and 31 schoolboys

VIDEO: Vicious Muslim gang beat American for drinking in public

The ISIS Jihadist say: “This is The War Muhammad Promised Us;

WATCH The ISIS Dumping Victims In What Seems To Be The BOTTOMLESS PIT

Muslims Make Very Calculated Attack, And Butcher Twenty One People

The killing fields of Iraq: ISIS massacred up to 190 prisoners in just four days

50,000 Christians Flee Iraqi City Ahead of ISIL

Sharia in France: Muslims attack man for eating ham sandwich – See more at:
e Islamic State in Iraq and Syria Orders Unmarried Women to ‘Jihad By Sex’ – See more at:
The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria Orders Unmarried Women to ‘Jihad By Sex’ – See more at:

 July 2014 – Week No.1:

Muslim Persecution of Christians, February 2014

Pakistani couple killed by family for marrying without its consent

Couple hacked to death by bride’s Muslim family

9 people crucified by ISIS in Syria

Muslims Break Into Churches, Butcher And Slaughter Thirty Christians, Burn Many Churches And Put The Homes Of Christians To Flames

Muslims Attack Christians And Bulldoze Church

Muslims Enter The Home Of Christian Family, Take The Mother And Her Daughter, And Then Three Muslims Gang Rape Them In Front Of Her Husband

Watch How This Muslim Woman In A Hijab Bashes A Man To Death With A Hammer, And How A Muslim Teen Stabs Man In The Head

Muslims Make A Official Declaration That They Will Invade The Vatican

Seattle Muslim Targets and Murders Homosexuals

 July 2014 – Week No.1:


Muslims Storm Inside Church, And Kidnap Two Christian Priests And A Nun

CAUGHT ON FILM: Muslims Brutally Torture And Beat Innocent Woman

MAJOR NEWS Muslims Destroy The Tomb Of The Prophet Jonah, The Prophet Seth, And Burn Down 11 Churches

Muslims Murder Christian, And Put A Bible On His Corpse In Order To Mock Christ

Muslims Kidnap 53 People, Blindfold Them, And Butcher Each And Every One Of Them

ISIS Crucifies Young Men For Leaving The Peaceful Religion of Islam

Hamas song: “Fire your rockets… blow up Tel Aviv!” “Victory is from Allah”

Muslims Take Hundreds Of Underage Christian Girls, Film Themselves Brutally Gang Raping Them Over And Over Again, And Then Butcher Them. One Christian Girl Curls Into A Ball And Begs For Mercy


 July 2014 – Week No.2 – 4:

 – August 2014 –


– August 2014 –

  • Hi F William, I told you I’d come and read your website.  Keep posting the site on forums and try to get people to read. I’ve posted many times pointing to websites that expose Islam and will post your site also.

    No one likes to be told the truth because it will force them to decide. “Shut up my snowmobile awaits and all the joys of pleasure for a moment.”

    We are in for a rough time!

  • on is only our spiritual guidance..stop proving that ur religion is better than the other..we will all die..thats the time u can prove who will save u…y not educate each other? respect each others belief to achieve peace…we have freedom to choose but no need to destroy other religion to convince other to convert…they always associate islam to terrorism..the 9/11 attack..weapon of mass destruction..they have evidence?. The American really found weapon of mass destruction or oil fields..the conspiracy video of the 9/11 attack..have u seen it? The bldgs built by best engineers and the steel wont melt easily according to them…be open minded individual ..some people use our religious differences for their own benefits..if christianity is the best religion..y there’s an issue about priest molesting a child…they are the one who should promote morality…no religion is perfect..lets just be educated and respect each other to have peace..stop debating what is the best religion..just be kind to other and educate the narrow minded people..y Michael Jackson. Muhammad Ali and other famous people being converted to islam if they think islam not good religion? If all true Christian and muslim only exist here..there will be peace..some keep claiming they are Christian and islam but they are not really doing the true teaching of both religion…just practice what do u believe is true and no need to destroy each other..dont create more conflicts….in muslim countries there’s always made calamities..but other Christian countries..natural calamities..showing that we are doing is too much already , we need to change and love each even if we have different beliefs..we are all human being and we will all die..

    in our country..they keep blaming the muslims bombing public places without thorough the end they found out that the militars did it and the president told them to do to to get money from u s..the militar who told the truth was put into jail..funnyy\ but thats reality..they always put the blame to islam..there is money in war and they are using our religious differences for money , politics and power..its up to us if we will allow them..theres always hatred in our heart..still dreaming for universal peace….

    modern world? girls almost naked in the street? fucking everywhere? hehe..thats happening in our country already..but still the church still trying to promote morality they dont support reproductive health bill here because they dont want to be modernized..see even christians dont like that modern what happened in some countries hit by earthquake..tsunami..tornado..unlike muslim world..war,,man made calamities …its a sign that some christian countries are to much in their doings..=)
    the truth hurts but the more it hurts when u hide it..practice what do think is the bes religion..jut dont destroy and influnce each other’s belief.

      F.William Houraney on Apr 23, 2011 at 4:21 pm

    •  Your opinion along with MY OPINION and everyone else’s is of no importance.
      We are only interested in the facts and the reality.
      For 1400 years Islam has produced death & destruction with very little else contributed to civilization.
      It is not a ‘religion’, it is an ideology along with Nazism and Communism.
      The only difference is that Mohamed threw in a god so that his demands would not be questioned.
      Good Health & Good Luck

    • I Jo 2:18 Children, it is the last hour; and just as you heard that antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have appeared; from this we know that it is the last hour. 19 They went out from us, but they were not really of us; for if they had been of us, they would have remained with us; but they went out, so that it would be shown that they all are not of us. 20 But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and you all know. 21 I have not written to you because you do not know the truth, but because you do know it, and because no lie is of the truth. 22 Who is the liar but the one who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, the one who denies the Father and the Son. 23 Whoever denies the Son does not have the Father; the one who confesses the Son has the Father also. 24 As for you, let that abide in you which you heard from the beginning. If what you heard from the beginning abides in you, you also will abide in the Son and in the Father.
      Fay: Mohammed stated and caused to be written (he was illiterate) in the Quran that Jesus was “not the son of God,” only a prophet, and that now Mohammed is THE prophet of God. I conclude from that statement and Scripture, that Mohammed is an antichrist and so is everyone who denies Jesus as the Christ. Neither Buddhists nor Hindus nor any other world religion denies the sonship of Christ – none except Islam. It stands alone arrayed against Jehovah and His Son. I feel compassion for Muslims who practice their faith in ignorance of this fact. But it doesn’t alter the conclusion that Islam is evil, begun by an evil murdering sultan, promoted by evil murdering imams, and seeks at all costs our subjugation or deaths. You must not continue in your naivety.


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