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Peace: – noun – a state of mutual harmony between people or groups, esp. in personal relations: Try to live in peace with your neighbors.

I guess Islam, or ‘The Religion of Peace’ has a different dictionary than the rest of us.  Come to think of it, they do have a different ‘dictionary’.  In fact it not only defines their words and establishes their meanings, it even goes on to completely define their way of life.   It’s called the Koran and it’s available everywhere for everyone to read.  Too bad The Good Guys don’t bother to read it and understand their enemy.

Here’s the followers of the Koran operating JUST ONE MONTH – IN AMERICA !   (Bet you don’t have time to check out what these barbarians did in the rest of the world – in JUST ONE MONTH)

Round-up of Jihad in America just this past month

Posted by Pam Geller on 11/07/2009

Since mid-October, here are the highlights of jihad activity in America. Don’t tell the media or the authorities, they are too busy searching  their navels for the motive behind Nidal Hasan’s jihad.

Muslim Garbed Jihadi Nidal Hasan Screamed “Allah Akbar” as he Mowed Down US Soldiers at Fort Hood, Death Toll Rises

Going Muslim on a Photographer outside Michigan Mosque

Son of an Imam Killed in Gun Battle with the FBI in Detroit is Arrested

Michigan Mosque leader killed during Islamic gun battle with fed

Hush Hush: Huge Fed/FBI Raid on Chicago Halal Goat Meat Slaughterhouse

Boston Muslim Terrorist Son of MAS (Muslim American Society) Leader

Another Conviction of Muslims Engaged in Plotting Islamic Attacks Against American Overseas

NY Imam Indicted in NYC Terror Attack Plot

Massive Muslim Attack Averted: “plot to kill two prominent US politicians and carry out a holy war by attacking shoppers in US malls and American troops in Iraq”

Obama First Female Veiled Islamist Appointee, Dalia Mogahed, Promotes Sharia, Says it’s “Misunderstood

New York Muslim indicted for plotting to kill U.S. troops

FBI arrests Jordanian for downtown Dallas bomb plot…

NYC: Muslims Protest “RACIAL PROFILING” in wake of arrests in major jihad terror plot

Illinois man charged in plot to bomb federal offices…

Terror suspects accused of targeting Marine base in Quantico…

Men vanish after taking photos of Philly subway system…

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