You have a 25% chance of getting the answer right, Right?  – Wrong…

The correct answer represents a giant leap in ‘Taking Back Our Country’

Wake up America.  The Trees keep changing but the Forest gets more poisonous.

America and the creatively challenged media can’t see ‘the forest from the trees’.

Here we go again.  24/7 media coverage of the new nominee for the supreme court.  NOT ONE.  NOT ONE person in the media has even questioned this ‘exercise in futility’.  Has ANYONE even wondered that over the last 40 some years there have been many new supreme court justices, both ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ and yet look what this body of 9 lawyers has done to “The land of the Free and the Brave”.  It’s now the land of abortions, same sex marriage, homosexuals exposing themselves in parades down the main streets of our cities, God is not allowed in our schools or government buildings,  lawsuits that have overwhelmed a society destroying businesses and personal responsibilities and essentially putting a liability/lawsuit tax on every product and service we buy.  Should I go on?

Nine lawyers, senior members of the privileged class that now has 100% control of the United States of America. There no longer are 3 branches of government.  There is no longer a system of checks and balances.   There is no longer a representative government or a peoples republic.  Indeed there is not even a choice to make a the ballot box.  Every branch of government, almost every candidate at the ballot box, every judge, every legislature, every high ranking government administrator, every cabinet member, and of course the President of The United States;  ALL LAWYERS.   They have total control and their insurance policy is the supreme court.

Ask yourself;  why in the hell do we allow 9 lawyers to sit in judgment and order 300 million people how to conduct their lives?   They have absolutely no experience or education on these matters.   OK I know, because it says so in The Constitution.  Ever wonder what a coincidence it is that The Constitution is ‘the law’ as long as it serves the lawyers interest but otherwise it is ‘open for interpretation’  or just disregarded totally?

As stated in the previous post America is Now an Oligarchy,  the origin of the silent takeover of America begins in 1803 with a Supreme Court case Marbury v.Madison.    It gave, then 6 lawyers, the Supreme Power to judge the will of the people.  It gave   these lawyers Supreme Power over the governess of the nation.  It gave the supreme court the final power to dictate the rights of Americans.  Those same rights which, only  a few years earlier, were so eloquently stated in the Declaration of Independence, and not being endowed by 9 lawyers, but  ” …that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…”     Although its proposed function as a check on the other 2 branches was theoretically sound, The Supreme Court was a mistake.  This was recognized by none other than Thomas Jefferson when he commented on the Marbury v. Madison decision saying that if this view of judicial power became accepted, it would be “placing us under the despotism of an oligarchy.”

OK I know you’ve been ‘waiting with bated breath” (what the hell does that mean?)  for the answer.  Which person above would be ‘the best pick for the supreme court’.  The obvious answer is none.   We do not need anymore  ‘supreme justices’.   We can do just fine with the original Supreme Justice.  The one that created and guided this ‘great experiment’.   He seems to favor us so lets use His wisdom and guidance delivered by the people He has so blessed. When a decision is as profound to our country and our culture as to make it all the way to the ‘Supreme Court’, then there can be only one way to decide the issue.

The Supreme Court Must Be The Will of the People.

National referendums are the only logical, equitable and democratic solution to what has become an oligarchy, the Supreme Court.  Of course as it should be with any vote, the voters need to be informed and qualified.  This is now attainable thanks to the internet and the vast communication devices and technologies available today.

So how about 24/7 media coverage of the 28th Amendment;

The Supreme Court shall herein after be comprised of the qualified citizens of

The United States of America …

See The Supreme Court

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