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Understanding Obama’s Muslim roots

!!  Wake Up Call  !!

It really doesn’t matter what any American thinks about what religion Obama is.  The reality is that as stated in the Koran, and believed by all Muslims, if your father is a Muslim than the child is a Muslim.  This is indisputable.  Also it is unacceptable to convert to any other religion.  The punishment for such a conversion is death.  To the Muslim world and to the enemy of America, the American people elected a Muslim as President just 7 years after 9/11.  Further proof to the enemy of the stupidity and weakness of ‘The Great Satan’.


Posted: August 19, 2010 by Jack Cashill

To understand why President Barack Obama endorsed the Ground Zero mosque – before he didn’t endorse it – a look at his various parents and their ideological roots might be in order…

His education as a Muslim during those formative years was both offset and compounded by his grooming as a secular humanist with a deeply ingrained contempt for his fellow Americans. This was a lesson reinforced at every step of his life and career: third world good, first world bad.

At the end of the day, it really does not matter which element of his education prevailed. As the last few weeks have shown, leftists and Muslims share one great transcendent passion, a contempt for traditional America.

The Ground Zero mosque just gives them a common place to worship.

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