!!   WAKE UP CALL  !!

It’s called ‘Taquyia’ (lying to preserve and advance the reputation of Muslims and Islam)
It is a mandate from the Koran/Allah to ALL Muslims to lie to anyone at anytime in order to advance Islam.
It doesn’t matter if its Obama or any other Muslim who is defending or just discussing Islam.

PLEASE then tell me why ANYONE with ANY BRAINS would even listen to a Muslim about ANYTHING?????

Time to WAKE UP and GROW UP America before it’s too late!
9/11 + 1400 years of death and destruction = Islam Must GO….
God Bless America and All The Good Guys.

Fitzgerald: Barack Obama, The New York Times, that Iftar Dinner, and the rewriting of history

Posted by Hugh on August 26, 2010 at Jihadwatch


Apparently Obama, and those who wrote this speech for him, and others who vetted it, find nothing wrong with attempting to convince Americans, as part of their policy of trying to win Muslim hearts and Muslim minds, that American history itself can be rewritten. A little insidious nunc pro tunc backdating, to rewrite American history. And that rewrite of American history has the goal of convincing Americans, in order to please Muslims, that the United States and Islam, that Americans and Muslims, go way back…

As Obama so unforgettably put it in his Cairo Speech (possibly the most inaccurate, the most cavalier about historical truth,of any speech by any President in American history):   “As a student of history, I also know civilization’s debt to Islam…”

Barack Obama’s trying to do so, trying that is, to rewrite American history, with some nunc-pro-tunc backdating, in order to flatter or please his Muslim guests, is false. And, being false, is also disgusting. It is disgusting for an American President to misrepresent American history to Americans, including all the schoolchildren who are now being subject to all kinds of Islamic propaganda, cunningly woven into the newly-mandated textbooks, that so favorably misrepresent Islam, as here

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