Posted: July 30, 2010 by Larry Klayman


This week was marked with a stark reminder why the American people have had it with our system of justice and why the country is on the verge of revolution.

First, there was the outrageous decision by Judge Susan Bolton of the federal court in Phoenix that enjoined the state of Arizona from putting into effect the most important provisions of recently enacted Senate Bill 1070 – the anti-illegal-immigrant law that simply requires that police and other law-enforcement officers question anyone who is legitimately stopped for “probable cause” about whether he or she is in the state legally….

Then, there is the case of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, the former Harvard Law dean and President Obama’s solicitor general who, while working in the Clinton White House (why does it always comes back to Bill?), falsified a medical report of the most prominent association of gynecologists to say that partial-birth abortion is the preferred procedure in many instances. In fact, the original report of the association said just the opposite. It turns out that this falsified report of Ms. Kagan was later relied upon by the same Supreme Court she aspires to be seated on to overturn the state ban on partial-birth abortion, an inhuman and cruel procedure that sucks the brain out of a baby.    ….

So, this week I filed, on behalf of Alan Keyes’ Declaration Alliance and Freedom Watch, a complaint before the Supreme Court to have Ms. Kagan’s license to practice law there revoked; that is, have her disbarred. And, for good measure, I also asked that the Supreme Court refer the matter to the Criminal Division of the Justice Department for an investigation of obstruction of justice. Will the Supreme Court do this? Maybe not – as I have written before, judges protect their own.  …


This was a very revealing week indeed. While the American people do not need to be reminded, it was a stark “reminder” of just how corrupt our political and legal systems have become since the days of our Founding Fathers. And, these events should serve as a wake-up call to legal arms to wage a second American revolution, to try to head off what may otherwise result in a violent one in the foreseeable future. The three branches of government, and particularly the judiciary, have lawlessly broken away from “We the People,” and we need to “overthrow” them peacefully before it is too late!

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