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The most important and difficult job in this world is the housewife.  No assistants, no secretaries, no days off, no weekends, work day is 24 hours, work week is 7 days. It is the cornerstone of the family and of civilized society.

Here’s a take from one of these heroes:

Posted: August 07, 2010 by Patrice Lewis

Once in a while a reader is astonished to learn that I am, quite literally, nothing more than what I’ve always claimed to be: an opinionated north Idaho housewife. I am not a journalist, or a reporter, or anything loftier than a keeper of the home. I use the denigrated term “housewife” deliberately because I am proud to be a member of this elite group.

If you associate housewives with dull women too dumb to do anything but wipe noses and clean toilets, I’m here to tell you otherwise. I will even make the extraordinary declaration that it is housewives who will save the world. Or at least, our nation….

Feminists have looked with contempt at housewives for decades and have tried to convince our daughters that only lofty careers and hefty paychecks can fulfill a woman. But housewives know better.

But the foundation of a nation is a solid family unit. It is the humble, collective efforts of housewives that build those solid, happy families. Nation upon nation is built on this foundation. Without housewives, such a foundation would not – could not – exist.

Don’t thank us. We’re just doing our job. But please, remember to put the toilet seat down.

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