Islam will overwhelm Christendom unless Christians recognize the demographic realities, begin reproducing again, and share the gospel with Muslims.

For years all I hear from my friends, family and others is ‘ It’s too expensive to have children.”  “I can’t afford to have anymore children.”  Well guess what friends, while it’s not costing you any money to have your children, it’s costing you your money to have OTHER PEOPLES children!!  Where do you think the majority of the world’s growing Muslim population is getting it’s subsistence?  Here’s a hint; every time you put gas in your car or pay your taxes you have just made it possible for the Muslim world to grow and expand you out of existence!  Want some concrete proof?  Just take a look at the statistics in Europe.  major immigration: Muslim. Christian birthrate – down.  Muslim birthrate – up.  Yes and taxes from the working Christians and Jews are paying for the expansion of Muslim families and sometimes with 2 or more wives/mothers!   The outlook is grim for Europe (Eurabia) but America still has a chance if we wake up.

Here’s a chilling documentary on our populations and the reality of the expanding Muslim population.

Two Things Must Be Done:  1.  Start having more babies.  2.  Start voting out of office anyone that supports funding any financial services or aid for illegal immigrants and mothers bearing children out of wedlock.

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