!!  Wake Up Alert  !!

The 17 year old girl was accused of having sex with a man outside of marriage and was stoned to death, when the video (due to all the cell phone footage) got out, the UN went to investigate, an autopsy was done and guess what…  She was a VIRGIN when she died!

This is the “Yazidi” tribe in northern Iraq.

Where is the outrage? Where is the media? Where are the questions to the “peaceful” Muslims we see on TV defending the Ground Zero mosque?

Why are our troops dying to implement Shariah Law in Iraq and Afghanistan? Why are we not protecting our borders to keep people like this out of our country?

My wish is that every person in America see this gruesome clip of how “peace loving Muslims” administer Sharia Law to a young girl that didn’t want to marry an old man, arranged by her family…The “weak stomach” and “tolerant” people are the very ones that should have to watch these barbaric people deliver their kind of justice…Maybe then the “tolerant” among us would change from apathy to action against the Islamic leaders that want to establish Sharia Law in our Country…
Imagine this is one of your family members laying there…Not in America, you say?…It’s closer than you would have ever dreamed, a couple of decades ago, thanks to political correctness and tolerance…The more they gain in our legal system the harder it will be to stop them…Islamic Sharia Law must not be allowed to have even a minuscule influence in our court system…
Islam has targeted the United States as the number one objective to bring down…If America is taken over, the rest of the world is theirs…Who will stop them???…They will have the Caliphate they so desperately have wanted for centuries…The world will be ruled by Islam using Sharia Law…Can you imagine a more dismal life?????…
Do something, anything you can to stop this assault…”

GRAPHIC IS A MILD WORD USED TO DESCRIBE THIS. HORRIFIC IS BETTER TERM. If you have a weak stomach you may want to pass on this e-mail. If you do watch, thank God for the country you have and then be determined to keep it free.
I send this to all of you with a heavy heart and almost sick to my stomach.  For our leadership to grovel to the people who support this type of “justice” makes me even sicker.  For the people of this country to be so apathetic and complacent with the encroachment of this sickening system of law is even more sickening.
Please think if you even wish to watch it.  But I wish every one would be forced to watch these “peaceful” people doing their thing with their fellow human beings.  For them to keep pulling her skirt down while her head is turned to a bloody pulp…excuse me, I am at a loss of words!
The young girl in this video was sentenced to death by an ISLAMIC Court because she did not want to marry an old man the family arranged for her!  This is NOT Al Qaeda or the Taliban, but MUSLIMS following SHARIA LAW!  These are the same people who want to build a mosque across from Ground Zero, where they killed 3,000 on 9/11.

And New York is agreeing to this? Do we want this type of barbaric religion in OUR country?!

This is Islam – Get it Yet?

Sent via email from FrankACT! for America – Raleigh Chapter


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