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America’s Freedom Amendments


Article V – United States Constitution

…on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds
of the several States,  (Congress) shall call a Convention
for proposing Amendments, which, …
shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, when ratified
by … three fourths of the several States.

Amendments Proposed:

1. Balanced Budget – No More Debt [2]
2. Single Subject Legislation [3]
3. Government Restraint [4]
4. State Veto of Acts of Congress [5]

For more than forty years, Congress borrowed money to fund its programs, assuring the re-election of its members. It has looted all its trust funds and amassed a crushing debt, which it has no intention of repaying, leaving the responsibility to future generations.

Congress has hidden from view the content of proposed legislation containing onerous new regulations and massive appropriations, preventing the People from commenting on legislation which otherwise would never have become law.

The federal government has expanded well beyond the borders of its authority granted in the Constitution, invading our daily lives and though the use of its treasury, usurping the power of state and local governments, mandating upon them duties not prescribed and taking from them authority reserved to them in the Constitution.

Through legislation and decree, government is gradually taking ownership of more and more private entities, causing what is known as “socialism,” which is the absence of economic freedom, to become more prevalent.

It is for these reasons and many more America’s Freedom Amendments need to become, and will become,  the law of the land.

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