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Only in the satanic ideology of Islam could this idea even be proposed.

Hard to believe there’s even a conversation about this.  This is beyond The Good Guys; ‘Weak and Stupid’.  Perhaps I should change this category to The Good Guys; ‘Suicidal’.   Let’s see now…It is an undisputed/documented fact that Islam uses their mosques as meeting and planning centers for their war against the infidels, (that would be us).  So they tell us that they will erect one of these mosques right next to spot (as is historically customary for Islamic conquests) where they achieved their greatest historic victory against us at ‘Ground Zero’ in New York.   So us, The Good Guys, give credibility, where none exists, to this despicable idea.  Wait!  I’m sorry, ‘despicable’ was too mild a word & it comes from a mind that did not lose his wife, mother, son etc.    You see in most people’s minds, this topic is treated as a debate between opinions.   As if they’re back in school on the debate team.  Well then please allow me to leave the ‘debate’ and put this in real world, real human, real life and death terminology that could only be felt by those who have lost their world to Allah and his barbarians :

‘So us, The Good Guys, give credibility, where none exists, to this despicable idea a proposal that could only be put forth by Islam, a cult of subhumans that truly represent the ‘diarrhea of civilization’.

Here’s Robert Spencer’s take:

Why There Should Be No Mosques at Ground Zero

The placement of mosques throughout Islamic history has been an expression of conquest and superiority over non-Muslims. Muslims built the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock on the site of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem in order to proclaim Islam’s superiority to Judaism. The Umayyad Mosque in Damascus was built over the Church of St. John the Baptist, and the Hagia Sophia Cathedral in Constantinople was converted into a mosque, to express the superiority of Islam over Christianity. Historian Sita Ram Goel has estimated that over 2,000 mosques in India were built on the sites of Hindu temples for the same reason.

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