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When I was younger and ‘knew everything’ I still questioned why we had to have a license or qualify for everything from Nuclear Reactors to going fishing.  Figured it was just a way to keep everyone honest, safe,  and in line with everyone else.  Made sense, sort of.  But as age set in and started paying attention to politics, something was ‘way out of whack’  here.   You mean I could actually vote for anyone I chose to?  Just like that?  No license or tests needed? Wow, so let’s get this straight.  I get my one vote to cast for the person of my choice.  And if I want, I can just stay home and not vote at all.   But why was this so called great responsibility, being made so easily available and so easily deniable at the same time?  Also, how is it that everyone gets to vote?  You mean it doesn’t matter who you are, what you are or what you know?  Wait a second.  There’s something very, very wrong with this picture.

That means that , for example, a drug dealer in the street gets the same privilege that a soldier risking his life for the country gets?    That means that someone that cares enough to study the issues and the candidates gets the same vote as someone who would sell his vote for a cigarette?    Starting to see the problem here?   Consider the voting population in our country.  Anyone want to make a bet what percentage of these people have actually studied the issues and the candidates before they vote?   Maybe 25%?  50%  75%?   Let’s be generous and compromise with 50%.   This means then that half of the voters are voting based on what?  If you guessed looks and personality, BINGO!

In fact if you go back to Kennedy-Nixon, ever since then you could have picked the winning President based on whose looks and personality came across better on TV.  Don’t believe me just  ask Richard Nixon.  Years after the TV debate with Kennedy he stated that he had been wrong going on TV that day.  He was sickly looking and refused any makeup.  Kennedy was tanned and fresh.  Nixon stated that ‘when campaigning, looking good and sounding good was more important than knowing the issues or providing solutions for them’.

Furthermore, and this one is amazing;  after the debate there was no doubt among those who watched it (the first televised Presidential debate) that Kennedy had won ‘hands down’.  But when they polled those who did not watch but only listened to it on the radio, they said without a doubt, Nixon won! Think about that for a minute….

‘Of course I don’t cheat on my wife’

Bill Clinton, wow what a great example to prove this thesis.  Most Americans knew nothing about Bill Clinton other than he was said to cheat on his wife!   Most of his 1st TV interview on 60 minutes was spent denying this!  Yet this unknown beat out not only an incumbent President, but a man who because of his lifelong service and resume, arguably could be said to be the most qualified person in history to be president of the United States.

George Bush was guy most people said they would like ‘to have a beer with’.   Both his opponents,  Gore and Kerry, were considered close to zombies when it came to campaigning.

And now the ultimate proof that elevated this thesis to a documented fact of life in politics, Barack Hussein Obama.  Yes most blacks voted for him and they should be ashamed of not considering his character or experience as MLK preached.  But that’s not why he was elected or Alan Keyes would have been President.   Great campaign?  Bullshit.  If any other candidate would have made the multiple gaffs and insults to the American public, and had the radical voting record and  associations that Obama did, they would not have even made the primaries.   But looks and personality win again.  As Bernard Goldberg says; “The United States of Celebrity ”  And now look at what we have. In the post below,  M. Catharine Evans suggests that the young voters were hustled by Obama.  This is true.  But the sad reality is that for over 40 years now, a good portion of the American electorate has been ‘hustled’ by the attraction of good looks and  charisma.  Obama is now the poster child.  In order to elect qualified leaders, the electorate must be qualified.  If we continue on this naive and dangerous voting path the results are inevitable, the lights of the shining city on the hill will fade to black.

Here  M. Catharine Evans take:

Obama’s Young Voters Finding Out They’ve Been Hustled

Posted by M. Catharine Evans on September 5, 2010

If the 66 percent of 18 to 29- year-olds who lined up to vote for The One in 2008 had  done their homework they might have discovered  that they weren’t the first group to be conned by Barack Hussein Obama.   He’s used the same MO, the same lines and the same on-cue smile for years.   Too bad young people always have to find out the hard way – we tried to tell them.

Obama, like all hustlers, promised young people they’d be better off with him. A year and a half later, the money’s gone and the blank screen is just like the rest of the creeps – a real heart breaker.

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