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In this piece Barbara Simpson asks; What are we doing?  (Referring to the despicable actions taken since 9/11 to defend Islam)  Well the short answer is blatantly obvious; America has been weak and stupid in the face of this subhuman enemy.   As with Nazi ism, communism and fascism, this enemy is dedicated to destroying our way of life.  Unlike those other 20th century enemies, it has camouflaged itself behind the veil of  a religion.   I have to hand it to them, when it comes to the propaganda game, they are the best.  Think about it, after 1400 years of conquest, death and destruction and all the atrocities in our own lifetimes, Americans still think Islam is a religion!  WOW.  How f__king stupid can one be?    And like Ms. Simpson says; ..all the while, the enemy laughs.

Here’s Barbara Simpson’s Take:

What are we doing?

Posted: September 06, 2010 by Barbara Simpson

Five days from today, the United States will mark the nine-year commemoration of a major attack on our country by an enemy that wants to destroy us and all we represent.

Five days from today, it will be 9/11 – the 11th day of September – the day when “people” most Americans never thought about, delivered on New York City, Washington, D.C., and Shanksville, Pa., a destructive horror beyond our imagination. Even now, having lived through the shock of that day, and the weeks, months and years since – even now, it seems to have been impossible.

But it was all too real, too sudden and too horrific. Those “people” we hadn’t much thought about, but who turned out to be a ruthless and cruel enemy, delivered on us a mayhem that took the lives of more than 3,000 innocent people. They were civilians going about their lives with no thought that on that day that they were the targets of enemy fire that viciously and coldly killed them.

Our military has become a group of sitting ducks for the enemy because it’s not allowed to fight on the same terms. We actually have our own military face court martial because of testimony by the enemy….

It’s like “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” and the image is disgusting. But all the while, the enemy laughs.

As we diddle over words and polite warfare, militant Islamists infiltrate our country, government, courts, military, media, commerce, finance, medicine, schools and even churches….

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