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I may have to go out and buy a 2 Terabyte Hard Drive if I plan on posting all of the examples that illustrate how the American media disgraces journalism and this country.   Well most of the print media is in intensive care so we can expect a the death notices to start being posted soon.  The Networks and cable stations will be around a little longer but they better get some producers and broadcasters that actually have some creative talent and common sense or they too will be gone soon.  The internet savvy and the up and coming generations of Americans are waking up to all the modern communications options and they will not tolerate the unamerican, creatively challenged, robotic and basically biased media.   Wonder why Glenn Beck has one of the best rated shows on TV?   Just take the description above of the media and reverse it;  Pro-American, very creative, fresh and surprising delivery, and all of the facts and history of the subject matter are assembled before offering an opinion or a resolution to any situation.  Bingo – From no name a few years ago  to the head of a modern day communications conglomerate including radio, internet, television, books, stage shows, speaking engagements and who knows what else.

Anyway, the latest media disgrace is the disregard for the Americans protesting the Ground Zero mosque.  The media is more sympathetic to Americas enemies than it is to America!

Here’s Kathy Barkulis’ Take:

The Media Submits To Jihadists: No Coverage of Mosque Protest

September 12, 2010 by Kathy Barkulis

Though the media was there, they refused to broadcast what they saw.  According to Pamela Geller, there were 40,000 people gathered at Ground Zero, most in opposition to building a mosque there.  Yet the media chose to censor the protest by omission.   No coverage, no pictures, no sound.  Do they think we will change our minds if they don’t cover it?  Do they think they are noble and doing the world a favor by not broadcasting the truth?

The media calls the protesters radical, and claims we are fear mongering.  But what are they afraid of by not broadcasting the truth?  Could it be they are afraid of the real radicals, the Islamic jihadists who threaten us with death and mutilation if we do not submit to their demands? I think that is the case, and it proves what the protesters are saying about the irrationality of building the mosque at Ground Zero.

This a low day for the American media.  They are following in the footsteps of Iran, North Korea, and China. They are participating in the intentional censorship of legitimate protest, and America can no longer boast of Freedom of the Press.

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