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On 911, “Death to America!”: US Flag Burned By Muslims

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How much longer do we have to put up with these barbarians?  I am embarrassed to belong to a so called ‘civilization’ that would allow these subhumans any rights after 1400 years of bringing only death and destruction and suffering to this world.  Islam needs to be eliminated once and for all.    No soldiers dieing in the field like 100 years ago.  Start to use the technology we’ve developed and spent trillions of dollars on.  Start the engines. Guided missiles coming off our jets and knocking on the door of every and any mosque located at or near any Muslim crime or threatening rally like the one on the video below.  Let’s start to control the propaganda war by naming Islam as a terrorist organization and closing all mosques in this country.  Any defiance by anyone, including non-Muslims will guarantee immediate deportment or prison.  Use our arsenal to annihilate Mecca, the heart and soul of this barbaric ideology and the center of their military conquests for the last 14 centuries.

The Good Guys need a leader with character and conviction whose purpose is to save the civilized world.  They need a leader who understands the evil of the Islamic ideology and is not afraid to use the full power of our arsenal to eliminate it.   A leader who offers the good people a way out of Islam and become part of a civilized society.  A leader that will label dangerous politically correct speech for what it is; treason.   The Good Guys need a leader, not a  lawyer.  A man not a mouse.  A Christian that studies the enemy not the bible.  It takes a warrior to win a war.  Who will it be?   Lets pray that he shows up before it’s too late.

Here’s the latest from Islam out of London

On 911, “Death to America!”: US Flag Burned By Muslims Outside US Embassy in London “Burn, Burn USA!”

Posted by Atlas Shrugs on September 13,2010

“Scum” shouts a passerby at the infiltrators who now feel so emboldened, so confident of their ultimate victory, that on Sept. 11, they feel free to do this absolutely unopposed, with the media lovingly recording their every word. (Big Journalism) [1]

Judy wrote me that she was outside the American Embassy in London.

Dozens of police were in attendance. Suddenly a bunch of  Muslims dressed in their robes and women with burkas came along, holding aloft Islamic banners written and placards declaring” death to America,” “Islam will rule the world”, etc.etc. They were highly organized with megaphones. They were spewing their hatred and chanting for one and a half hours. The police stood by and did nothing! When the EDL came along they were swiftly marched away and not allowed to go anywhere near the Embassy. This is what is happening in the UK today!! Across the square, relatives of the 9/11 victims were (trying) to hold a remembrance service. When myself and several others complained to the police about this one-sided approach we were told they agreed with us but their orders came from higher up, and told us to complain to them!! Come over here Pamela and spread the word – we need someone with backbone like you who is not afraid to stand up for what is right.

Listen to the chants: “Burn burn freedom,” “freedom freedom go to hell,” “takbir! allahu akbar!”

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