–  My Take  –

I’ll turn this over to danthrapp for his take:

“Obama? has committed Treason in aiding the enemy during wartime…he knowingly or unknowingly by confession, in public address, in the Office of President & Commander and Chief in the country of Egypt creased opportunity in a point of premises expressing his desires to coherently inspire the funneling of monies to the enemies of the United States of America.”

And to RealityCheckHero for his take:

“Support Islam:   Be a polygamist. Beat your wife. Kill you daughter for premarital sex. Make your wife walk around in a garbage bag. Death threats for free speech! Assassinations! Terrorist attacks! Death penalty for gays! Death penalty for becoming a Christian. Sharia law! Hate the Jews!   Obama is a nauseating appeaser and an insult to? the United States of America.”

In Cairo, President Obama promised to ensure Muslims could fulfil  ZAKAT.”   What is “ZAKAT”? And what are the implications of this promise?

Hat Tip – Susan & Bob

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