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It is Despicable how the Disgraceful American Media (DAM) covered the Koran ‘non’ burning non story 24/7 but never covers the butchering of Christians all over this world!    The DAM supports America’s enemy because they have much in common;  They have no compassion.  They have no soul.  They only are concerned with themselves and the hell with everyone else.  Their beliefs/ideology is more important than  you, your family, your country and your civilized world.  They will be the first to have their heads cut off if Islam takes control.  And this fact above all shows just how DAM stupid these jack asses are.

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American Media – A National Disgrace

Excerpt from

The Greatest Story Never Told: Modern Christian Martyrdom

Posted by Susan Brinkmann on 12/5/2008

The secular West has been looking the other way for a very long time. Even the average church-going Christian is not likely to know that 45.5 million of the estimated 70 million Christians who have died for Christ did so in the last century.

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