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As mentioned here before, the American media is a national disgrace.  Publishing military secrets and classified national security documents, siding with the enemy over American interests, glorifying disgraceful moral conduct and bad behavior, not reporting stories that conflict with their ideology, etc. etc. etc..

So what do the weak and stupid ‘Good Guys’ do?  They keep defending themselves against the lies and the ideological spin of this media.  What that does is continue to give it credibility when it deserves none.   It’s time The Good Guys went on the offensive and simply report that  this media is slowly going out of business because of it’s deception and it’s unpatriotic approach to America,  American traditions and the American people.  The only ‘air time’ this disgraceful media should get is to promote their demise by encouraging the people to not patronize any of these media outlets.

All American Pam Geller knows how to play offense;

“The media, in its last gasps, is pulling a Baghdad Bob, and the Islamic machine is in full throttle.

This is the derangement of the left. Their invective is so destructive and polarizing, it is painful to watch. It’s a voyeuristic window into a sick mind, and yet this is the accepted narrative. The norming of spewing the most vile propaganda. And then they carry out relentless attacks on every single person who deviates from their hateful and fascist rhetoric. All neatly packaged and served up to the American people everyday, every way, everywhere. As if this were normal.

Responsible journalism is dead. Nail, meet coffin.”

Truth Is the New Hate Speech: Long Past Time to Overthrow the Media and Save Ourselves

Posted by Pamela Geller on September 18th 2010

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