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Again it takes a woman to stand up to the DAM and the Islamic subhumans.  Republican candidate (North Carolina 2nd Congressional District) Renee Ellmers is under attack for a 30 second campaign ad which was released this past week. Her controversial spot dares to echo the sentiments of the vast majority of her constituents (and the overwhelming majority of Americans) who strongly oppose the construction of a mosque at Ground Zero.  The DAM has criticized the ad and have attempted to portray Ellmers as an extremist.   So let me understand, because she relates the history that is indeed relevant to the Mosque issue, she is labeled the same as the subhumans who fly planes into buildings, cut peoples heads off, and blow up schools full of children.  Maybe I should change the acronym DAM (Disgraceful American Media ) to DMJs (Disgraceful Media Jackasses)

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