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In a real America, the DAM (Disgraceful American Media), individually and as a company, would long ago been brought up on charges of sedition if not treason.   It is baffling how this media of American citizens could be a propaganda outlet for the enemy!    I don’t believe they are suicidal or that they are mentally dificient.  The only logical explanation is that they are afraid of this enemy and think that by placating it they will become its friend and be spared of its atrocities!

Wow, maybe they are mentally dificient!

Imagine during WWII if anyone in the media sided with the Nazis!   They would have been tried and executed as all traitors should during a war.  When the enemy is emboldened by the very people that supposedly speak for their opposition,  the war lingers on which means more young soldiers and innocent civilians die.   Therefore the media is indeed responsible for ‘aiding and abetting the enemy’.

These stories are just the latest treasonous chapter in the DAM.    24/7 coverage of the ‘burning of the Koran’, which never happened and no coverage of this Muslim cleric calling for the beheading of a Dutch politician.   And no coverage of Molly Norris an American cartoonist whose freedom of speech was revoked by Islam and she was forced to go into hiding in order to avoid being killed.    Once again the DAM steps up as the enemy’s greatest ally.  Propaganda is one of the most potent and effective weapons of warfare.   The DAM has become the enemy’s propaganda arm.   Anyway you spin it, it is ‘aiding and abetting the enemy’.  It is treason and the DAM are traitors to their country.

Here’s Larry Elder’s Take:

Australian Muslim cleric calls for beheading — who cares?

Larry Elder – Syndicated Columnist – 9/23/2010 10:05:00 AM

What happens when an Australian(!) Muslim cleric calls for the beheading of a Dutch politician?

Not much.

What happens when an American pastor no one ever heard of threatens to burn a Quran?

It ignites an international outcry.

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Here’s Robert Spencer’s Take:

Spencer on Molly Norris: A Fugitive from Jihad

Posted by Robert Spencer on September 23, 2010

[…] This is the sort of case that the President of the United States should be talking about. As he wrung his hands about the prospect of Muslim rioting over Qur’an-burning, and told the prospective Qur’an-burner to stand down rather than admonishing Muslims not to react with violent rage to something that did not harm them, the Molly Norris case gave Barack Obama an opportunity. He should have gone on television and given a brief lesson about how freedom of speech is a foremost bulwark against tyranny and a cornerstone of any society that respects the dignity of the human being.

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