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You can agree or not agree with the politics or opinions of Glenn Beck.  But one thing is without dispute; this man is one of, if not THE BEST TEACHER and PUBLIC EDUCATOR in the history of The United States.  Since his show started at CNN and then moved over to Fox, he has instituted a national education on history, politics and civil discourse that has awakened a sleeping citizenry and inspired millions of Americans to retake control of their government.  Five days a week on TV and radio he has become one of the most listened to and influential speakers in the country.

Here he shows again how interesting and effective education is accomplished.  Until someone can do it better, Beck will remain The Master Educator and at the very least ‘Teacher of the Year’ for what looks like many years to come.

Here’s another example of ‘how it’s done’:

Stick Figure Logic: The Truth About Capitalism

Aired originally on Fox News’ Glenn Beck Show – September 28, 2010

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The George Washington Award

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