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I just posted the article about the exclusive ‘The Scum of American Club’ (SAC) and low and behold the very next day a charter member makes national headlines for what else; displaying what it takes to be a member of this despicable club.  What a coincidence, right ? Wrong!  You see ( I know you’re not going to buy this because it doesn’t make sense to decent people) Ms. Allred is very upset that she wasn’t mentioned in the article as being one of the club’s prominent members!   So she came out with a very despicable legal action that insured her place on the list of Scum Club members.  It was definitely an oversight on my part for not including her in the list of despicable scum that I mentioned yesterday.  But in my defense, the list was not meant to be complete (“et al” – a legal abbreviation for:  ‘and others’).  Nevertheless, Gloria Allred should have been listed along with Johnny Cochran and the others.  It was an oversight by me and therefore please consider this my official apology;  I am sorry Gloria.  You definitely belong at the top of any list that gives credit to The Scum of America.

Here’s a video that shows how scum club members like Gloria Allred are so easily outed by anyone with decency and common sense, in this case Greta Van Susteren over at Fox:

Greta Destroys SAC Member Gloria Allred

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