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Finally.  ‘And Neil Boortz makes three’.  Michael Savage,  Joyce Kaufman and now Neil Boortz.  What a pity.  We are at war with a subhuman ideology called Islam and our the only Generals are on the radio and not the battlefield.    These three ‘radio warriors’  are just the type of people that should be heading Homeland Security or The NSA or The State Department etc.  They realize we are at war and they know who the enemy is.  All of our current pathetic leaders that are supposed to protect us are PC wimps who care more about their own ideology than they do about American lives.   If one more American is killed by an Islamist on our soil these so called ‘leaders’ should be rounded up and tried for criminal negligence and treason.

Back to Neil Boortz.  “America’s most under-rated and over-paid radio talk show host”  Neil’s radio show is nationally syndicated on Cox Radio. Mr. Boortz is also an outspoken proponent of the FairTax and co-authored the book The Fairtax with Congressman John Linder.

In the following 2007  radio excerpt, Neil gets a call from a Muslim to explain to Neil how really peaceful Islam is!  This is a classic for all The Good Guys to study.   Sorry O’Reilly, time to step down.  ‘The No Spin Zone’  now has a brand new proprietor.

Bravo Neil Boortz !

Hat Tip Nadia

Neal Boortz Explains the FAIRTAX

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