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First allow me to congratulate the whores, atheists, abortionists and homosexuals on their tremendous successes since 1963 when they began their march towards Gomorrah and the destruction of the American family by eliminating school prayer.

The statistics below are from a report published in 2002.  Unfortunately these cancerous cultural symtoms have increased since then.   The very sad part of this is that the destruction of  the family by a small minority is ongoing while the majority stands by.  As usual the majority are ‘The Good Guys’ and as usual they go along with the propaganda and the agendas of the bad guys.    The  majority has been weak and stupid.  They have allowed the minority to take control of their culture and their country.  The minority has brilliantly made truth into a hate speech if it dares to conflict with their decadent agenda.  And the Good Guys cooperate with the politically correct speech and misplaced sympathies.   Better wake up soon Good Guys.

STOP ‘turning the other cheek’ and START SLAPPING BACK!

Here’s the frightening reality of what is happening to our culture.

The Results: How does the Fatherless Family Affect Adults, Children and Society?

  • Lone mothers
    • Are poorer
    • Are more likely to suffer from stress, depression, and other emotional and psychological problems
    • Have more health problems
    • May have more problems interacting with their children
  • Non-resident biological fathers
    • Are at risk of losing contact with their children
    • Are more likely to have health problems and engage in high-risk behaviour
  • Children living without their biological fathers
    • Are more likely to live in poverty and deprivation
    • Have more trouble in school
    • Tend to have more trouble getting along with others
    • Have higher risk of health problems
    • Are at greater risk of suffering physical, emotional, or sexual abuse.
    • Are more likely to run away from home
  • Teenagers living without their biological fathers
    • Are more likely to experience problems with sexual health
    • Are more likely to become teenage parents
    • Are more likely to offend
    • Are more likely to smoke
    • Are more likely to drink alcohol
    • Are more likely to take drugs
    • Are more likely to play truant from school
    • Are more likely to be excluded from school
    • Are more likely to leave school at 16
    • Are more likely to have adjustment problems
  • Young adults who grew up not living with their biological fathers
    • Are less likely to attain qualifications
    • Are more likely to experience unemployment
    • Are more likely to have low incomes
    • Are more likely be on income support
    • Are more likely to experience homelessness
    • Are more likely to be caught offending and go to jail
    • Are more likely to suffer from long term emotional and psychological problems
    • Are more likely to develop health problems
    • Tend to enter partnerships earlier and more often as a cohabitation
    • Are more likely to divorce or dissolve their cohabiting unions
    • Are more likely to have children outside marriage or outside any partnership

Effects on the Social Fabric

  • Increased crime and violence
  • Decreased community ties
  • A growing ‘divorce culture’
  • Cycle of fatherlessness
  • Dependence on state welfare

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