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The Gratitude of Islam-Aid worker Killed in Afghanistan

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What the hell is the matter with these people???  Don’t they ever watch the news?  Don’t they ever read a paper??  Don’t they ever pick up a history book??  Are they completely oblivious to the evil of Islam in the world??  Why are they voluntarily sacrificing themselves for ‘people’ that thank them by killing them??  Again;  What the hell is the matter with these people???

UK aid worker Linda Norgrove killed in Afghanistan

Posted by BBC on September 9,2010

[1]A UK aid worker held hostage after being kidnapped in Afghanistan has been killed during a rescue attempt, the Foreign Office has said.

Linda Norgrove, 36, from Lewis in the Western Isles of Scotland, was employed by US aid group DAI. She was seized with three local staff on 26 September.

Their two-car convoy was ambushed in the eastern province of Kunar.

Ms Norgrove was killed by her captors on Friday during a rescue mission by US forces.

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BBC News [2]

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