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Regulatory Programs Fee ???

[1]Have you ever examined the list of taxes on your phone bill?    The government gets about a 20-30% cut of every phone in the country.  (Think about that for a second.  Approx. 290 million phones x $10 each /month – That’s almost THREE BILLION DOLLARS – PER MONTH!)  (And that’s not counting land lines!)  Oh yea.  This is after they charged the cell phone companies billions of dollars to initially purchase the ‘right’ to use OUR airwaves.    So along comes my last cell phone bill and it’s about $8.00 higher than usual.  After I examination low and behold I see this line of Bull Crap:  “Regulatory Programs Fee”.  After reading it, I cleared my eyes and slapped my face a few times just in case I was hallucinating.

As they describe:  ” A fee we collect and maintain to help cover our costs related to funding and complying with government mandates, programs, and obligations.” Yea so.  Doesn’t EVERYBODY and EVERY BUSINESS have what we all call  “overhead”?  And isn’t a good portion of that overhead because of the “government mandates, programs, and obligations”?

As  far as my Degree in Finance taught me, we never itemize our overhead and add another cost on to cover it.  Overhead is calculated in the profit percentage that we charge.  Did things change or should I sue my college for my tuition back?    So the phone company charges us a price that includes their profit and then adds overhead items to it?  !!    Whats next?  Will we see added costs for staples, coffee, toilet paper….?  Wait it gets better!  After the audacity of adding this overhead item on to our bill, they then are joined by their co-partner in this extortion, the government.

[2]Now read the line after the Fee is explained.  There are 4 more ‘Government fees and taxes”.    Now slow down and take pause and think what this really is.  That’s right!  They have charged you a fee for collecting taxes and fees for the government and then the government has taxed you on that fee that is charged for charging you fees and taxes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Got it?

Please don’t be frustrated if you are confused or do not understand what is going on here.  This is exactly what they do best.  Make it so confusing that the normal person just shrugs it off.    Lawyers have perfected this extortion method and since lawyers are 90% of the government, what else can you expect?    You are confused, you are upset and they now have more of your money!    ‘ So what else is new?’     It is the American Way:  NOW THAT LAWYERS CONTROL AMERICA!

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