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Alan West – Ron Klein: Debate

My Take –
It really wasn’t fair.   Ever try to explain something with a lie?  Very difficult for most, except of course lawyers.   Ever try to explain something with the truth. That’s right, no contest. And so it was yesterday at the Debate in Boca Raton. Ron Klein, even though a lawyer, is not in the same league as Obama and Clinton when it comes to lying.   Really missed my TIVO remote.   Couldn’t fast forward past the standard lies, misdirection and double talk that Ron Klein (Case Western Reserve University School of Law) is so practiced at. There was no doubt at the end of the debate who the people believed in. So lets pray that  ‘the honeymoon is over’ for the lawyer/politicians lying and talking out of both sides of their mouth.   And that’s what GLOOG is all about.
There is no video of the debate and since it was so mismatched, it would be a waste of time. There is a video though that pretty well sums up the contest between West and Klein.

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