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Think about what the headline here says.  Think about the propaganda factor here.  Think about how Islam spits in the face of Jews and Christians and thinks nothing of it.  Think about this headline:

– Jews in Mecca:  Mohammad, the Jewish Prophet –

Have you stopped gasping yet?  That’s right, never in a million years.  Why?  Because ‘ this would be offensive‘.   This surrender to evil by the weakness and stupidity of Christians and Jews is sickening and has got to stop, before it’s too late.

Usually I put a ‘My Take’ type headline on these posts and then offer the original headline along with the original article.  Here though this headline had two despicable realities that it had to be displayed.   This article by Pam Geller merits a top vote on the ‘the good guys are weak and stupid’ list.

Islam on Capitol Hill: Jesus, the Muslim Prophet

Posted by Pam Geller on October 12, 2010

… Yes, in Islam Jesus will come back at the end of the world, break all the crosses and Islamize the world. I am serious. This is the belief in Islam.

Abraham, Isaac, Noah, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad were all Muslims. Don’t gag. Moe was the final prophet.

Check out their logo, it’s so Obama.

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