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2 Party System: ‘Back to the Drawing Boards’

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[1]I don’t know which one, but this guy Alan Keyes could be a reincarnation of one of the Founding Fathers.   Like them, his brilliance is firmly entrenched on a Godly Foundation.  The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution.  Read them and see what they have in common;  constructed by brilliant minds creating an original system of government based on a higher authority and dedicated to the freedom of all.

Here Dr. Keyes explains why we have to ‘go back to the drawing boards’ and establish a new voting structure.  One that is based on the American foundation that enabled us to achieve more in 200 years than all of mankind did before.

Here’s Dr. Keyes Take:

Swap party power for God and country

Posted by Alan Keyes on October 15, 2010

…   The present situation of the American people is like that of an ailing patient who finally realizes that both specialists competing for the privilege of treating the ailment are quacks. Does it really make sense to interpret the patient’s dissatisfaction as a mandate for the two quacks to work together? That would only seem logical to someone whose objective is to make sure that the quacks avoid the fate their false doctoring deserves, i.e., peremptory dismissal. Anyone giving top priority to the patient’s well-being would instead reach the more obvious conclusion that what the patient wants is a doctor who’s not faking it.

Tragically for the American people, the current sham two-party system has already done to our politics what the government takeover of the health sector aims to do to our health-care system, that is, force us to live with whatever alternatives our self-appointed masters in the “ruling class” (repugnantly so-called) deign to serve up. In this respect, the two so-called “major” political parties are exactly what George Washington warned against in his famous Farewell Address [2]. They are “combinations and associations … with the real design to direct, control, counteract, or awe the regular deliberation and action of the constituted authorities”:

This cynical, anti-moral and anti-religious spirit of party is destroying us. Our hopes as a free people will not and cannot be restored until all of the structures and leading personalities spawned by that spirit have been swept away upon the tide of a new understanding of citizenship that stands for the common good, upon the principles of our common creed, beginning with respect for the authority and will of the Creator God who made us free.

On Nov. 2 the best the American people can hope to achieve for their liberty is a stay of execution. Liberty’s ultimate fate will depend on whether the people then continue the self-destructive charade of party politics, thus wasting the opportunity they have gained, or instead make good use of it to rediscover and act upon the vocation of true citizenship, discarding parties to serve only God and country.

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