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I’m guessing that most news bloggers are pretty depressed people.   There’s just not too much positive or enlightening news these days.  (Thanks Chile for providing the exception to the rule.)   The bloggers are not alone though.  Anyone loving America has had to live is what appears to be a parallel universe since November 4, 2008.

Well ‘all bad things must come to an end’.   Starting November 2nd our country will hopefully start the long journey back to ‘the American Way’.  Of course the political landscape must change.  But also the American Spirit must be reinvigorated to reawaken the American Dream, the lifeblood of America’s greatness.

There’s not too many things that could symbolically represent the American Dream more than the American automobile.  It was the dreams of a few enterprising Americans that after thousands of years, enabled the world to advance from the the horse to the car.   And it was the dream of every American to own one.

So remember the name John Cooper.  Mr. Cooper  may well be among the brilliant and creative few who will historically be credited with the reawakening of the American spirit and the American Dream.  Since Henry Ford, the automobile has advanced slowly as technology has rocketed to incredible limits.  This looks like it’s about to change thanks to Mr. John Cooper.

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Also IBM’s Battery 500 project seeks to develop electric car batteries with 10 times the energy density using metal air technology. Watch this update from IBM

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