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If this doesn’t twist your stomach, ache your heart, and blow your mind, then all that can be said for you is ‘Rest in Peace’ because you are not a living human being.

Since 1973 40 million babies have been legally butchered. Not ‘aborted’,  that all too whitewashed jargon that they have you programed to use.  No the more appropriate word is  ‘butchered’   Think its too rash?  OK then, someone has to wake you up so here,  take a look at these pictures of what they do to a living baby in its mothers womb:


What a sick society the lawyers have spawned.  Starting with the 7 lawyers back in 1973 in Roe v Wade to the countless nameless ones who, if you can believe it, have gone on to even legalize the disposal of unborn babies.   Prepare yourself for what is now legal in The United States of America:

The dead bodies of unborn babies are legally permitted to be thrown into a garbage dumpster as long as they are “dipped into formaldehyde before they were dumped.”   Current Michigan law allows for aborted babies to be put through a garbage disposer.

Throw up yet?  (Better to wait till you see a lawyer and show him how you feel about his ‘profession’)  (And don’t tell me that they are just doing their job.  That what the Nazi Generals said after exterminating 6 million Jews!)     And these are the people that are running our government!

Here’s the Story That Proves We are No Longer a Civilized Society

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