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Church Seized: Muslims Kidnap 50 Catholics, at Least 37 Dead

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So what else is new?  Muslims savage a church during Mass, kill the Preacher, kill 37 Christians while they pray, and the media could care less…  Yes ladies and gentlemen this is your world in 2010.  But do make sure that even if someone talks about burning a Koran, the whole world erupts in outrage.

[1]What can be said.  We know that Muslims are, and have always been, the diarrhea of civilization. But it’s the Good Guys that are allowing these subhumans to exist that I for one will never understand.

The Muslims have no rules of engagement other than to kill and destroy.  The Good Guys, even 10 years after 9/11,  are still trying every which way they can, not to offend them!

I would bet that even some of you reading this very post were gasping when I said ” Muslims are, and have always been, the diarrhea of civilization”.   That’s right.  I can hear you thinking now; ‘how can he say that, not all Muslims are bad, he must be an Islamaphobe’. Number 1, I can say it because its true,   Number 2, all Muslims are bad ( There is only one Islam and one Muslim.  The ones that are good are MINOs – Muslim In Name Only.  They don’t follow the teachings of Mohamed and the jihad spelled out in the Koran therefore they are not considered Muslims by Islam).  And number 3,  a ‘phobia’,  as in Islamaphobe, is “an irrational fear”.   With 1400 tears of evidence of the subculture of Islam, it’s perfectly rational to view them as I do, the diarrhea of civilization.

So anyone who believes as I do is not an Islamaphobe, they are realists as opposed to those who are delusional.   “There are none so blind as those who will not see”.

Here’s the latest atrocity from Islam

Church Seized: Muslim Extremists Kidnap 50 Catholics, at Least 37 Dead

Posted by Pamela Geller on October 31, 2010

[2]A  siege by Iraqi security forces at one of Baghdad’s largest Catholic churches ended on the night of October 31, leaving at least 37 people dead and twelve injured.

A group of gunmen wearing suicide vests walked into the Syrian Catholic Church of Our Lady of Salvation during Sunday Mass. They held more than 50 parishioners hostage for several hours and threatened to kill them if al Qaeda prisoners were not released. …

Christian clergy and lay people have been kidnapped, murdered, and raped by Muslim terrorists and criminal gangs in Iraq, sparking the exodus of Christians from the country. Chaldean Christians, for example, have fled to neighboring countries that are relatively more accepting of non-Muslims, or to Western countries. Christianity has been present in Iraq since at least the 1st century AD.

Iraq’s Jews, who had lived in the region since the time of Abraham and during their Babylonian Captivity, were expelled in the 1940s and 1950s following the infamous pogrom known as The Farhud. Sparked by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, one of the lead Muslim religious men of the region, Muslims went on a killing spree in Baghdad and elsewhere during the Second World War having allied themselves with the genocidal Nazi war machine in the Mideast’s version of the Holocaust.

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