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I have to confess, Islam never ceases to amaze me.  They couldn’t write this stuff in a movie and make it believable.  And it’s all there in black & white in the Koran.  The backbone and the law of the Koran is Sharia and Sharia actually has a table that itemizes how much different peoples lives are worth in dollars/Saudi Riyals (SR).

Death Compensation in respect of a male person:

Muslim – SR. 100,000

Christian/Jew – SR.50,000

Other religions : such as Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, etc. – SR 6666.66

Sharia: A Muslim’s life is worth twice that of a Jew or Christian, and fifteen times more than that of a Hindu or Buddhist

Posted by Robert Spencer on November 1, 2010

In the case of death of a female, death compensation allowed is equal to half the amount as admissible to males professing the same religion. Further the amount of compensation admissible, is based on the percentage of responsibility fixed on the causer e.g. if the causer is held 50% responsible for the accident resulting in the death of a Muslim, the amount of Death Compensation admissible will be SR 50,000 only.

“Thus if [a] Muslim commits adultery his punishment is 100 lashes, the shaving of his head, and one year of banishment. But if the man is not a Muslim and commits adultery with a Muslim woman his penalty is execution..

Since Islam regards non-Muslims as on a lower level of belief and conviction, if a Muslim kills a non-Muslim…then his punishment must not be the retaliatory death, since the faith and conviction he possesses is loftier than that of the man slain…

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