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Like any religion, the followers are devoted to doing their best to follow the teachings and example of their prophets and their God.  And so it is with Islam.  There’s just a little bit of a difference.  Islam is not a religion and their ‘god’ Allah is in fact a pen name for a pedophile murderer whose name is Mohamed.

Hamas sponsored a mass wedding for four hundred and fifty couples in Gaza.

And so along with killing infidels, stoning women and teaching children to blow themselves up in the name of Allah,  Islam also permits men to marry little girls as young as 9 years old (That’s because their great Prophet married a 9 year old when he was 54)

As my Mino (Muslim in name only)  friend told me 30 years ago, this Mohamed is a despicable example of a man, whether alone a prophet.  And this is the man who Muslims must emulate in order to be true Muslims and receive Allah’s blessing.

And so it is that Mohamed is the icon of Islam.  And with a leader like that, no wonder Islam is what it is.    Indeed,  ‘the fish stinks from the head down’.

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