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Obama visiting Muslim shrine in India

–  My Take  –

The first (and last) Muslim president.  Like his brother Muslims, this man makes no bones about his disdain and disrespect for real religions. As pointed out in NARCISSIST IN CHIEF [1] , there is no limit to his insulting our intelligence.   As much evidence that he throws in our face, he still expects us to buy into his charade that he is a Christian.


Remember the Mumbai massacre?   Over 170 killed and  308 injured by Islamists in the name of their Allah.


So 2 years to the month after that atrocity in India, where does Barack Hussein Obama pay his respects?  To a Sikhs or a Hindu or a Buddhist holy place?    Why of course not.

Anyone who knows anything about Islam knows that a true Muslim recognizes only Islam, no other faith.  And not only does a true Muslim not respect other faiths, he is ordained by his god Allah to rid the world of them.   And if you are wondering how they are supposed to do that, then just pick up a paper any day of the week to see the latest atrocity by these subhumans or read a history book and read about Islam’s 1400 bloody years of murder and conquest.  Or save your time and simply just click on this image:


Here’s Robert Spencer’s Take:

Obama visiting Muslim shrine in India — no plans to visit Hindu, Buddhist, or other shrines

Posted by Robert Spencer on November 7, 2010

Obama is visiting Humayan’s Tomb. Nasir ud-din Muhammad Humayun was a sixteenth-century Mughal emperor, whose empire encompassed modern-day Pakistan, Afghanistan, and parts of northern India.


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