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When America was America, we all stood up in class and were proud to be able to say the Pledge of Allegiance to our country, the greatest country in the history of the world.   Then we said a prayer.

“Almighty God, we acknowledge our dependence upon Thee, and beg Thy blessings upon us, our parents, our teachers and our country.”

Each day we would say this prayer along with the Pledge of Allegiance, and the singing of “The Star-Spangled Banner”.  And it all made us feel great and realize just how lucky we were to be living here and to be a part of this great country and its great Judeo Christian traditions.

Then along came the atheists, the whores, the queers and the progressives and they told us just how bad ‘the good old days’ really were;

Can you imagine it? We were so unfortunate to live in this ‘unenlightened and unsophisticated’ era.     We had no cucumber and condom lessons.  No metal detectors.  No pregnancy counselors.  No homosexual studies, no multicultural acceptance of Islam or any other murderous cult,  no dressing for school as though everyday was Halloween.   And of course we had discipline.  Can you imagine the audacity of the teachers and the schools and our parents to want us to be disciplined?   Can you imagine the nerve of the principals to paddle us for swearing at the teacher?  And not only would our parents (we had em then) beat us again if they found out, but we couldn’t even call a lawyer and make some money off of being a degenerate in school. What prehistoric mentalities!   It was pure progressive hell!

So along came these atheists, whores, queers and progressives and with them they brought the real prostitutes of America; the lawyers.

‘Yes they are our icons, the lawyers.  We could have never got any of it without them.  And to say the least, they were no Perry Masons.  Speaking of Perry Mason, It’s time we gave a shout out and a Thank you to Mr. Mason.  Indeed his portrayal as an all American lawyer provided the charade we needed to bring in our prostitutes disguised as lawyers to destroy anything we wanted in the name of the ‘law’.  (It is much like Islam.  Think about how successful they have been and what they get away with under the guise of a religion.  Poor Mr. Hitler.  He could have been much more successful if he would have utilized the Islamic game plan and the religious charade it operates under).

Back to Mr. Mason.  After his long and inspiring TV show established that lawyers were smart and compassionate and fought for ‘Truth, Justice and the American Way”  the time was right.   Americans now believed lawyers were all like Perry Mason.  They admired and respected them.  They thought of them as intelligent and the ‘good sheriffs’ of modern America.   And so the people believed that all the lawyers had the character, the class and the unwavering moral decency of  Perry Mason.    The trap was set.  And the average American is still taking the bait.   In fact they have swallowed the bait so much that they now elect mostly lawyers to run the government!’

( Click on picture for an American Awakening )Elect lawyers to run our country – “What fools these mortals be”

And so for their ‘30 pieces of gold’ the lawyers went to work.   Number one on the list was to take prayer out of school.  We needed to establish atheist degenerates like us starting from a young age if we were to be successful in the future.   (And what a success it turned out to be.   Queers can parade down the public street giving blow jobs to each other but Jesus is not even allowed in our schools on his birthday!  –  Need I go on…?)

Then they gave us all of our rights as citizens to be as degenerate as we want.   We could dress like bums in school or anywhere else.  They showed us how to have safe sex so we wouldn’t catch any diseases while at the same time promoting homosexuality and its proliferation of aids.

And if after our ‘safe sex’ we mistakenly were to become parents, no problem, we could just exterminate the ‘little bastard’ and dispose of him like we did our unused condoms.  And no need to tell mom and dad.  It wasn’t any of their business, it was the government’s.  Yes it was the governments business to insure we would all grow up to be a depraved, secular, uninspired and uninformed electorate trained to vote them back into power.

We could promote queer sex.  We could make fun of Jews and Christians and the founding fathers.  Hell isn’t this what they all fought for?  The right for the freedom to be a total selfish jackass?

We could make up cult holidays and demand they are recognized by the schools.  Why we could even rename the existing holidays to make us feel better about our atheistic degenerate lifestyles.  And if the authority figures disagreed, we called our prostitute lawyer.

Twilight Zone Alert!

Calling Mr. Serling – Episode: “Little Johnny  Told to Remove American Flag from Bike” Subject  Script Unacceptable – Suggests Americans are gullible and stupid enough to allow such unpatriotic idiots to run American schools…

And so it is in 2010, little Johnny cannot even ride to school with an American flag on his bike!
After all THEY can’t allow America to become America again…

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