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Often I mention how the Good Guys are Weak and Stupid.   They have allowed their once black and white world to be painted gray by the Bad Guys.   I know, it’s a pretty simple viewpoint.   There’ black and there’s white.  There’s good and there’s evil.  There’s the Good Guys and there’s the Bad Guys. ( Bare with me here, it gets a little more intriguing)

So now that the world is well on its way to being solidly gray, it’s time to pause and take a look at what it’s beginning to look like.   As we can see, the gray seems to be turning darker over time.  Oh yea, that’s right, gray turns to black with age.  And all along the new team of painters told us not to worry, it would turn out fine.  We thought that it may turn out a little off-white but for the sake of compromise, that would be OK.   So we went along with the program until just lately when we saw that gray turns black over time, not white.

First they told us that we didn’t want to make any children uncomfortable so we had to take the prayer out of schools .   Then they told us that our school children are protected by the Constitution and that we had to respect their rights.  The government would now tell the parents when and how their children would be educated and what was moral and not moral in the public square.

Fast forward 40 years.

We now have schools so bad, that we are starting to teach our children at home so they will not be influenced by the morally bankrupt public school system.  We are paying school taxes, buying lotto tickets and yet sending our children to private schools.

But hold on.  What’s wrong with this picture?

First, guess who is still paying for these schools that they are conceding to the atheists and homosexuals and the anti-patriotic progressives?     Guess who is still paying for the brainwashing of a new generation that slowly but surely has no identity with the American tradition that created greatness and thrived for over two hundred years?

And second, why the hell are the majority of Americans relinquishing their schools so easily?     They are actually promoting private and home schooling!  Understand what is going on here?

Instead of fighting and taking back their schools, the Good Guys (traditional Americans) are not only handing the Bad Guys their schools and America’s future, they are even paying for it!

Of course it is understandable that parents want the best for their kids.  They want them to grow up as they did and with the American traditions and character that they experienced.    And so I totally agree with David d’Escoto’s take on public vs. home schooling.   And indeed the truth hurts.

But private and home schooling represents the white flag of surrender by traditional Americans.

White flags are un-American.

It’s time that the Good Guys started painting using their own paint again and their own color.

Here’s David d’Escoto’s Article:

Christians, don’t wait for Superman

Posted by David d’Escoto on November 12, 2010

There is a new documentary in the works titled “Indoctrination: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America” that will be released the first part of 2011. My hope is that Christians who see this movie will finally realize that public school is the absolute last place you would ever want your child to be educated.

“Indoctrination” is quite unlike the recently released secular documentary “Waiting for Superman,” in which there is a scene of the popular superhero saving a school bus full of children from certain destruction. The tie-in with the film’s title is that children today are no doubt headed for ruin in today’s dysfunctional public school system – unless and until the Superman of school reform comes to their aid with seemingly heroic strategies like more money, longer school days, smaller class sizes, newer technology, etc.

As it so happens, a different kind of Superman has already been saving millions of kids from our God-forsaking public schools for decades. This Superman hasn’t gotten much press over the decades, so let’s call him the “Silent Superman”: a hero who is not looking for praise, fans, awards, or celebratory movies, one who simply goes about his job of rescuing children from the godless government schools via an alternative more parents choose every year. This silent hero is called homeschooling, and it is on the rise in America.   ….

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