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Thank God there were no Korans in the houses!   Who cares about Christian homes and Christian people as long as no books written by a warlord pedophile were burnt!

Shame on the world media and shame on all decent people for allowing their media to continue to even exist in the face of this disgraceful display of negligence in reporting the atrocities of Islam.

We were barraged by media  24/7 when there was just a proposal to burn a Koran.  We were barraged 24/7 when there was a rumor that a Koran was flushed down a toilet.  We were barraged 24/7 by media when there was Muslim outrage over a stupid cartoon drawing.    We are barraged by the media 24/7 over the potential profiling of Muslims even though it makes perfect sense for our own safety.

But no one except a few small mostly internet media outlets,  reports the daily Islamic atrocities like those going on in Iraq and Egypt –  just to mention a few.

Not to worry though.  I’m sure when the Muslims come to their neighborhood and start burning their homes and killing them, the media will be right on the story.

Here’s the latest Muslim atrocity that’s not being reported:

Egypt: Mob burns Christian homes
Written by Adnkronos International  (hat tip Zaky)

Cairo, 16 Nov. (AKI) – A group of Islamic radicals set fire to 10 houses belonging to Christians in a village approximately 500 kilometres south of Cairo, less than a month after Al-Qaeda said it would target the northern African country’s religious minority.

Local security forces said the assailants would have caused far more damage had they not been arrested. Following an October attack on a Baghdad church that killed at least 58 people, Al-Qaeda said it would target Christians in the Middle East and northern Africa and singled out those in Egypt.

Attacks on Christians have increased despite announcements of support by Muslim leaders.
Coptic Christians make up around 10 percent of Egypt’s population of 80 million.

Exposing the true face of Islam, Egyptian Muslims Celebrate Eid- ul-Adha (feast of the sacrifice) by burning and torching at least ten Christian homes and 65 shops in Southern Egypt. All this mayhem and carnage “over a rumour that a young Coptic Christian man and a Muslim girl were in a romantic relationship, said officials Tuesday”.
In traditional Islamic style, the reaction is always extreme and disproportioned to the alleged transgression.


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